never had

I’ve never had a “normal” dream. I mean normal as in it seeming like something that would happen in real life ex: going to a college. The most “normal” dream I’ve had was being chased by Michael Myers on a movie set. Weird.

:hyper: /me wonders if odmo will share some of his weird dreams with us :smile:

Oh yes, please post them! It’d be great to hear some good ones. ^^

I always have wierd dreams. Wierd dreams should be considered normal.

Lol, okay I’ll share some. Hm, I’ll tell a few :smile:

  1. In this dream I was moving back to my old house and it started out I was either inside the living room or outside the door. Then I went to my old room. It was really small and I hit my head on the ceiling. Then I turned around and there was a huge T.V. Next thing I know I lok around and the room got a lot bigger. Theres a giant bed, a couple chairs, video games, everything. I think there were a couple people in my room that also appeared. On the left side of the bed there’s a bedside table with an iPod on it. I sit on my bed and look where the bedside table was and it’s replaced by a straw chair. Then my physics teacher appears standing near me. He says “You need a strw chair next your bed. I get 5 hours of sleep every night. The goat set me free.” Then I woke up :tongue:

  2. In the next dream (same night as the first one) I was sitting on my bed with 2 friends next to it. It was the same room (I think) as the first dream. I was holding a new iPod I got and I was putting it into a case. My mom got me a new case because she thought I would’ve lost my other one when we moved. It was hard plastic. I put the Ipod in and it turned into a soft plastic case with pink on the sides. I took it out and got the case I bought. It was also a hard clear case and I put the iPod on. When it’s inside the case it turned into a mini Xbox 360. I was shaking it wondering why it didn’t fit. End of that one :tongue:

  3. In the third dream that night I was on the street and I saw a group of people skateboarding. In the group I recognized 2 people: my friend Patrick and Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo went to the front and said “watch me do this move called the chanster.” He did it and it appeared in slow motion. While he was doing it he had on these really big green neon boots. He didn’t land it and everyone was booing him or something except for Patrick he was just standing still. Then they rode away and I heard “chanster” again.

Oh and when I was 7 I had one where robots and monsters where having a party at my house and I got kicked out. And another where there was a green full moon and my mom was a werewolf moving away without me. I wasked her if I could come and she said no.

My dreams are always really casual, i’m usually doing stuff in my dreams that i do during the day so there are not many dreamsigns for me

I get a lot of dreamsigns but I don’t have good enough recall to realize them or I just don’t know how to recognize them. Any tips on recognizing them would be appreciated.

all my dreams are crazy in the sense that they would never happen in real life and theres usually somesort of exticnt or magical characters

I’ve never had one of those dreams where I’m falling or I’m naked, but I’ve heard that lots of people have those.

Yeah I haved those too.

The naked dream was very common for me when I was young. I was usually somewhere in short knowing that I didnt dress myself and that everybody would laugh at me.
But the weird thing , every DC didnt mind about it.

It was a reoccuring dream … BIG LOL