new approcach, magnetism to come out of the body

Hi guys,

I saw the latest episode of smallville, you know the American TV series about the young Clark Kent aka Superman. I guess all the smallville fans have seen the episode so the next bit i talk about are spoilers from the show.

The episode is about a spirit that manifests inside alot of the characters near the end it ends up inside clark kent and clarks father gets green kryptonite, and as you know clark can’t stand it and it forces this spirit to leave the body. It’s a bit like an exorcism, you know going out of the body is like an exorcism but really a spirit is not coming out of our body, but it is actually our spirit that leaves the body, so it’s a little different, but i would like your views on this.

Anyway the green kryptonite is like a magnetism for how much force is being applied from it, it makes the spirit leave. Again it’s like a magnetism effect. So that made me think that there must be something on this planet that would do similar things to our bodys energy frequencies. There’s crystals, but i have not had much luck with them, but what about stones, there must be something out there or even a non harmful plant that draws you in at night time which possibly gives you a magnetic feeling of being drawn to something by a unknown force, even though Smallville is just a film, i still believe there is something similar to kryptonnite that can help us.

What are your views guys?

well, there are certainly things that influence your energies, but what do you mean exactly?

Hi pasQuale,

I mean there must be something that influences your physical body, like for instance when i am in a certain place my senses would feel alarmed about something and that would make me uncomfortable, but the state i would be in would be like the quicesed state. To me this is the perfect state for that magnetism pull that should allow the astral body to come out of your body. So my goal is to find something that is similar to this state that i am describing.
I want something that can shift your body out of line, there must be some kind of object, something that came to my mind was the lunar rock samples. That’s something that has not been touched or smelled by the public domain so it’s something that we cannot distinguish as it’s held in labortries for the scientific community. But if we had something like that in our bedrooms and perhaps because of the mysteriousness it would help in astral projection. Ofcourse we canot have that but there must be similar things from earthly origin.

So… you want something that influences your physical body, but you describe instances where it influences your astral/etherical body :wink:

what do you mean by " quicesed state" ?

What I understand is you want something that when you work with it it will “push” you out of your body? Something like that you mean?

pasQuale, just so you know everything that i am writing is hypothetical. You seem to understand correctly, i do want something that when you work with it it will push you out of your body. But i also want something that gets you into that state within a few seconds, into some sort of state which when you start working with it to get out of the body the state will sort of pully you out of the body, sort of automatically, with a little help on your side.

I hope i am making you understand, it feels that i am talking mumbo jumbo, but i am sure there something here if we look carefully.

Somebody mentioned the quicesed state here on the forum, i will do a search for it. infact i did a google search for it, and i found that i spelt it wrong. Also i found this chapter from Robert Peterson’s books on OBE’S,

scroll down to the bottom of the page and read where it says ‘EXERCISE 16 Quiescing The Mind’

I know the state, but aswell i will try to explain to you the state in other words. I find this to be a good way to explain the state. Let’s say you go to bed and you hear a knocking on the window below your bedroom, so you go downstairs and check the window and find nobodys there. So a thought pops into your head that there could be a robber tampering to see if he can get into one of your windows. So you go over the house checking your windows to make sure there all securely locked. Now at this point you have heightened your awareness and you are on maximum securuty mode. So you go back to bed in this highly alarmed state and as your trying to drift off to sleep but your on the look out, hearing what going on outside to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. It’s this state which is the quicesing state of mind, and this is the sort of state which would help in OBE’s espceically if we have something that could make the magnetism happen.

I also read that when you seperate you get that magnetism effect when the soul is coming out of the body. So there goes my way of descrining it in my own words. which is similar to the chapter in the book.

Also pasQuale do you think you could check your pm, i felt i had to write something, you see i had this strange dream.

Ah, thanks for explaining :smile:

I didn’t know about this Queiscing state.

Hmm I now totally understand what you mean, but I wouldn’t know about anything that could cause that.

First i was thinking along the lines of some crystals, but that won’t make you in Quescing state, more some kind of trance/meditation state. I’ve never tried using crystals to have OBE either though.