New at lucid dreaming

:eek: I found this web page today and Ive literally been infront of my computer for about 4 hours reading about lucid dreaming and im DYING TO DO IT but I dont know how exactly so please,please, please, someone give me some easy tips so I can try them.

Hi hello_Kitty :happy: Welcome!

Mmm well wanting a lucid dream strongly is very important, and you know now what a lucid dream is…I would say come back to this forum and read more about the basics of having lucid dreams. And start a dream diary to write all your dreams in you have. Thats also good for dream recall. And while you read all about this forum you will also learn special techniques. So start with the basics and a dream diary!

Good luck! :happy:


Yes, keep a dream journal and read the forum :smile:

If you don´t really know where to start, I´d advice you to try Reality Checks.They are probably the easiest method (what the best method is, you got to find out for yourselve).
To do a reality check, just look at some text, or at a clock, look away, and then look back again.If the text has changed you are probably dreaming.
Try to be serious about it, like you REALLY don´t know wether you are dreaming or not.
Try to do them several times a day, whenever you remember to.

There are other ways to do reality checks, but that should be enough for you if you want to start right now :wink:
There are many more techniques as well, just browse the forum for it


Never trust reality. You could be dreaming at any time and think you arn’t. Get used to doing things to check. As others have mentioned, check text or clocks, there are other things you can check too. It probably sounds paranoid but once you get to where you never trust that you are awake, that you constantly try to find the cracks in reality, then you will do it in your dreams also.

:eh: Ive read all the information on the web page and I understand it but yesterday when I was going to sleep I did the whole “you are deaming, you are going to dream” thing. Is that the only time I can lucid dream???

I don´t know if I fully understand your question… you can always lucid dream when you are sleeping.
Many people find afternoon naps easier to lucid dream in, I do never dream while taking naps, though.
You don´t even have to be in a REM, but it is easier if you are


Hello, Kitty. There is no certain time when you can/can’t LD. Although, some will argue that some times are better than others for LDing, it just depends on the person. If you’re just beginning, the most important thing is the dream journal and various exercises. Just give it a little time, be dedicated, but don’t try TOO hard - let it be fun. Good luck! :wink: