new ava size limit

did it work?

I love the improvement that you have made to your avatar pasQuale…the multicoloured Q.

thanks moogle :smile: :smile:

it is not actually a Q but one of the star symbols. But it looks so much like a Q and i like it so it is just so appropriate :content:

:happy: nice

:cool_laugh: Cool!

I just realized that Q said the file size remains the same in the second sentence!

Just my luck. I recommend hotavatars to charlotte and then a week later the site becomes inacessable for days. :peek: I’m using one of Ashvura’s brilliant avatars at the moment. :happy:

:peek:hi. im new to the forum, and thought id make my first post here to show off the avatar i cut out of a picture i took of the downtown here. yay for convoluted sentences.

Hey pasQuale…would you consider ever putting a browse button on here so you don’t have to link to an ava…cos I cant make my own or anything yet, so I’m stuck with the little red cross.

I’d have plenty if I could just upload from my comp.

Just askin.

You’re right, a browse button would be cool! (a lot easier!) but now that i know how to link to things I’m ok :smile:

I understand what you mean, but at the moment it probably wouldn’t be possible. LD4all doesn’t host members’ avatars locally, so you wouldn’t be able to simply browse through your local computer for a suitable image file - it would need to be uploaded somewhere online first.

Some (extremely rare) forums allow you to upload your own image rather than cross-linking to a separate webpage, but it’s quite demanding on the site’s bandwidth and storage. Maybe pasQuale can explain more specifically the reasons for or against storing local member avatars. :smile:

that’s ok! I realise that some things may be convenient for the members but would be practically impossable to do! Anyway, once you get your avatar up (unless you change it every day) it’s not a big deal at all