new ava size limit

the avatar limit is now set to 80x80 pixels. the filesize limit remains the same (max 6kb).

enjoy creating/updating your new avatars :content:

show them off in here :cool:

Yes!! Cool! Thanks ^___^ Now I can toss in a ton of avatars I have, that are sized 65 x 75… :happy:

By the way, I will be updating my avatar gallery to the URL pretty soon. :smile: Just have to make a script for the galleries… and stuff… so I’ll let people know. is an avatar freak indeed

Awesome :happy:

So i guess my avatar can be bigger now…ohhh…hehe back to previous sizes…
Hehe i have no idea how to do so tho…:sad:
If someone of you have a little time and knowledge about how to resize it and all i`d appreciate if you let me know:)
thx heaps:)

nice! I’m actually trying to make my own new one now! I can see why avatar making is addictive!

I cannot seem to make it less than 6k without wrecking the color :confused:
What can I save my file as so that It is less than 6k? The best I can seem to get is 7k, it’s not animated or anything…

.jpg i would say.
is it gif now?

if you are using psp7 click file > EXPORT > export jpg

then you can set it up so that you can get small size without losing too much quality.

If you use the save as feature it will make the file either large or poor.

photoshop i would suggest saving as a psd (still image) and saving as a jpg through psp7 if you have it. So far i haven’t been able to find a good way to save jpg in photoshop :help:

Use jpg or png :smile:

A friend of mine recently linked me to this site: (unfortunately, the site seems to be down now x_X)

On the site you can download very handy tools for optimizing and compressing GIF files (and also jpg and png, I believe). ^^

I’ll use my sealife one for a while. But I may start hunting for a new one to use here.

Thanks to DreamAddict I now have it up :smile: I love the new sizing.
I wasn’t aware that you could host images at Sealife, I’ll have to check that out.

I meant the avatar that I use on sealife…I use to host my avatars.

aha! Thanks Moogle for clearing that up :eh: I’m not always computer savvy, savvy?
(sorry, I had to do it)

Why was my avatar removed? it was exactly 80x 80 and 1.8 KB?

It’s not us! :happy:

It’s them: :sad:

I hate these access denied messages. My avatar reaping program always gets confused and submits them as a manual check of that persons avatar.

I need to make an improved avatar, but I havn’t got the time.

xD! sorry then.

Hey, with the new size, did you raise the file size limit at all?

no :content: