new books section on ld4all

we have a new and improved books section.

(click on ‘books’ in the wings above)

it is still in testing stage - so any comments and suggestions are welcome!

if you order any book through the books section i will get a commission of 5% for every book you buy.

you can also buy your kitchenstuff, dvd’s, tools and clothes in there if you want :wink:

give it a test run and tell me what you think!

cool, that book 24 hour lucid dream…what is that about?

you buy it and check it out silly

lol infection :lol:

click on the title and you get more info :content:

lol, ok :smile:


24 Hour Lucid Dreaming isn’t at all about lucid dreaming. I don’t understand why the author had to confuse his ideas about enlightment with lucid dreaming. He could have come up with a term on his own for his ideas.