New Chatroom

We have another java chatroom now. Many Thanks to DM7 for finding it and helping me with the installation :smile:

this one works faster and has smilies :grin:

it is still linked to the IRC channel, so you can still chose to use IRC or the new chatwindow to enter the chat.

to check it out, just click chat in the winged guy.

In the future i hope to add a feature where you can see on the forum who is online in the chatroom.

(if anybody knows how to do that, please inform me :smile: )

Everybody come visit!! :smile:

All lucid questions get top priority!! :content:

Hehe, yes, please come over and visit us sometimes. :smile: And pasQuale, no problem! :biggrin:

Hey pasquale, i was on a forum that used that feature. They were using vbulliten rather than phpBB though but i will ask them see if they know how to do it for phpbb.

Oh, I’m interested too. Insane_goth, if you figure anything out, please let me know too. :smile: I’d like to experiment with that code as well just in case… who knows what future has for me? :gni:

personally i prefer phpbb2 it’s basically phpbb only it comes with all current mods preinstalled.

that’s the link if anyone wants to try it.

as for the irc online mod let you know as soon as i get a reply :smile:

ah phpbb 2 is released! :cool_laugh: joy :cool_laugh:

ok folks in the near future it is upgrate time :grin:

Q make sure the database of phpbb2 is compatible with the backups of phpbb or we will loose posts and member :meh:

I’ve never know people to umm keep posts after changing to that.

might be worth installing #2 on another site and using a backup from here to see if it does so ok. would be sad to loose everything otherwise :bored:

dont worry DM :smile: ahhh now there are 2 DM’s on the forum, lol

i have checked it but phpbb2 hasn’t been officially relased yet so i will wait until that happens.

ofcourse there will be no posts lost etc.

btw i have mailed with the folks of chat4all and they’ve informed me that the online users thing will indeed be possible in the future as a new feature and they asked if i would test that if it became available. Ofcourse I said yes :content:

i’ll keep you guys updated :smile:

is this an updated phpbb2 your refering to? Because a forum i mod at has been using it since september lol. :wiske:

:ack: i must have been sleeping

there is even a 2.06 already. :grin:

i’m off downloading :content:

Hahahaha :wink:

That’s exactly how I felt when I saw a newspaper on technology. Geez! o_0

What are the channel numbers for ld4all chat and also sealife chat?

In addition to being addicted to ld4all and sealife…I think I’m addicted to chat now! :tongue:

the channel for ld4all is #ld4all

for sealife i don’t know but i guess it will be #sealife

Yes for sealife it is #sealife. :smile: Enjoy!

The new chat sounds Kool! I wish i could connect to it tho. If i go to the “chat” then type my nickname…this stupid popup sign thing comes up titled: Java plug in security warning >< Then there is a big grayuwindow saying: loading java applet…thsi window takes a long time to load…then another window says “Unable to verify the certificate-code will be treated as unsigned” >< :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr:


Does ANYONE know what this means!!! :bored: :bored: Im very mad about this as u might be able to tell.

If anyone can help me id be so very greatful! Thank u in advance :content:

I am not sure what that means, but you can also use a standard irc client like xchat or mirc. goto or
Just add server: and join the channel #ld4all
A normal irc client like xchat/mirc is much better than the javaclient anyways :smile:

When using the java applet chat window, how many private chat boxes can be used at the same time? :eh:

i have no idea… how many do you have? :wink: