New Discovery dreaming ideas

There are new series on Discovery Science(Europe) called “Mysteries of Sleep”.Mostly known stuff but one of the episodes “Dreaming Brain” brought up few interesting facts/ideas and made me to share it with you.
Some of it covers few recent discussions on our forum.In general serie wonder on “what dreams are for” question.Sadly theres still no answer but given material points to its extremally important functions.Here it goes:

 1.Fetus spends almost all its time in REM.
 2.SP - very sophisticated feature of our body.Its designed especially to let us stay in REM safely.There must be a reason behind it- nature took a lot of effort here.Would be heaps easier just to shorten or completely delete dreaming stages.
3.People deprived of REM for some time start to daydream,have hallucinations - looks like brain forces us to dream when it feels shortage of it even in such unusuall times.Note that it will not be so drastic if we deprive ourselves of other sleep stages.Just REM.

So we have quite strong forces in our bodies designed especially to be taking care of our capability to dream.Nature and evolution wouldnt build and keep all those precautions for small or no reason.

Dreaming Is Important For Our Life!

There were other interesting points brought up about order of REMs during the night and their specifics.Heres what they said:
1.First REM- very important- thats when our mind sinks into the problem.This stage can be most disturbing as it touches most recent fears or stress factors in “raw” form.
2.Second REM- brain starts to work out the problem.We see our fears from different perspectives,images tend to show similar experiences from our past,they are being compared,it looks for solutions.It “tames” the problem for us to finally come out with solution.
3.Reoccuring nightmares are the sign that problem is serious and hard to solve and we are stuck in “first REM mode” and dont/cant go further towards an answer/solution.
Additionally it was said that one of the REM functions might be letting our brain to “monitor” all body functions- wherter all works fine or not.There were a lot of reports from people,i.e :
about wolves tearing up ones stomach(person diagnosed with stomach cancer later on) or from preagnant woman dreaming about her kid being put in a freezer(later on diagnosed with having dead embryo)…so on,so on.

Above should be interesting for all of you interested in dream interpretations.
 What i have learned today is:

1.Dream stuff isnt just a hobby- its important for both- my emotionall and phisicall life.
2.Dream incubation should be taken with care- sometimes its better to let our subcouncious dream randomly,let it choose a topic- it might be something important.And it knows better.
3.Dreaming is very highly connected with our emotions.People who suffer from narcolepsy(falling asleep instantly during everyday activities) have its attacks when they are moved emotionally- wheter its joy or sadness,emotions trigger it.Why?

As far as i worked all this out i think we need to improve our skills in something called "emotionall logic".When we dream logical part of our brain is off,while limbic part responsibile for emotions is highly active.Key to understand our dreams isnt logic then.Understanding our emotions(what causes them,being aware of them) is a way in my opinion.
 Im still thinking of it,wonder what you all have to say.

Take care:)

This is very very interesting!
I belive our body knows what its diseases are, as well as whats causing them and what would heal them!

If someone hits your hand, you will know who has done it, how and what to do about it. its the outside of your body, you know it well. The inside is being look aftered by something else…

something like body’s own “conseciossnes” or mechanism which is aware of all this, and this is why we can get “hints” about these things in our dreams. I also believe that (I have no experience in that though) in Lucid dreams you should be able to ask your spirit guide about your diseases, as he represents your subcontiousness (sorry I can never remember the spelling of that word).

I fully agree with that. Emotions and instincts are not logic, they are not researched enough and therefore their importance is pretty much supressed in todays world. But they have more to say then anyone can imagine.
Although this isnt directly related, I got a few “ilogical” advises about my life while tripping on mushrooms (which is IMO connecting to your subcontiousness). These advises turned out to be right later on. There was something inside me that knew things werent right … :bored: