New Dreamer; few questions

Hi! I’m new to this page, and have been working on getting to a lucid dream for a while half effort, and have a few questions.

  1. Do dream journals that are recorder onto some type of recorder just as good as ones in a notebook? I have trouble getting my eyes to focus on writing that early in the morning.

  2. Can you meet book characters? For example, if I wanted to meet Harry Potter, would he somehow show up in my dream, or would I be able to somehow find him/create him and would he look and act like Harry Potter?

Thank you!


[color=olive]The first question I am not so sure about.

The second question is a definite yes. Having him remain in character may depend on how well you know his character. [/color]

Hi there, Filly. :welcome:

I don’t think it matters, in fact I personally find voice recorders much easier than dream journals, since I can just turn them on and start talking, and whenever I remember something more about the dream I can immediately record it and have it saved, so I think a voice recorder “keeps up” with you a lot better than a dream journal.
The advantage of a dream journal, however, is that it’s easier to analyze it and jump between different parts of the dream, so it simply depends on what you personally think is easier.

Basically, if you can daydream about it, then you can also have lucid dreams about it.

Keep in mind, however, that lucid dreaming is a learning curve;
you are not guaranteed to be able to do everything just because you become lucid, you have to convince your brain that you can do things that are normally impossible in waking life.
If you try daydreaming about attempting to walk through a wall you will find it surprisingly difficult to imagine that, and dreams work the same way.
You need to unlearn old expectations from waking life and learn to trust in your ability to do impossible things.
Of course, you can always use tricks that make things feel more realistic and easier to imagine;
for example, you can imagine that Harry Potter will appear around a corner.

It is also not always recommended to try altering the dream, sometimes it is at least as rewarding to just observe the events.
It doesn’t really matter what you do in your first lucid dreams though, because trust me, simply knowing that you are in a dream is a massive excitement in itself.

You’re welcome. :content:

I’m pretty sure you can as I use a voice recorder myself. That being said, I use the voice recorder to record notes, and later transcribe those notes into a full DJ entry for posting to this forum. :wink: I’m sure, though, that if you just wanted to record your voice and only your voice you’d be fine.