New Earth Families page

I’ve added a new Earth Families page on dreamofpeace. Let me know what you’d like to see on it, and if it raises any questions.

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I wondered something…
I’m a blue electric hand and that means I’m in the core family. The core family exist out of White Wind, Blue Hand, Yellow Human and Red Earth.

Yellow Human is my Compliment
Red Earth represents my Challenge and Gift.
But it’s White Wizard which is my Subconscious Self and Hidden Helper. And Blue Monkey is my guide.

Is it just coincedence that the others 2 are in my earth family or is this always?

Hey Sandra.

You seem tuned in! Good question!

Your challenging power or “Antipode kin” as it also known, will always be a part of one’s Earth Family.


The Antipode kin is always 10 seals forward or back from the main Signature kin.

In your case you are a Blue Hand (seal 7). Count 10 seals forward, and we have the Red Earth (seal 17).

Earth Family kin always progress in sequences of five seals. So in the Core Earth Family:

White Wind (seal 2), Blue Hand (seal 7), Yellow Human (seal 12), and Red Earth (seal 17)

This scenario of having one’s Challenge or Antipode kin in the Earth Family, will happen for everyone. It has to do with the mathematics underlying that particular relationship. Is it clear why?

On the other hand

Not everyone will have their Compliment or Analog kin, in their Earth Family.

The seals of one’s analog kin and one’s signature kin always add up to 19 (the power of self-generation, I might add).

For example. You are a Blue Hand (seal 7). Your antipode kin will thus be the Yellow Human (seal 12) - because 7 and 12 add up to 19.

And in this special case, your Antipode kin is a multiple of five seals higher/less than your Signature kin, so it is also part of your Earth Family.