New forum: Spiritual Corner

It’s the season of the changes :grin:

The Beyond forum has split itself (big thanks to Mohegan for moving all the topics in there!) into 2. There is one forum now specificly for out-of-the ordinary experiences in dreams (shared dreams, telepatic dreams, precog dreams and so on)


another forum, Spiritual Corner, for those unexplained phenomena in waking life :smile:

Also, the chill out has been renamed into “waking life” :smile:

Tomorrow I’m going to upload a new layout of the forum.

kidding! :tongue:

so many changes :nuu::tongue: … im curious how the new design will look like :hyper:

read the small print :tongue:

I have repaired and optimized the database now too, so everything runs more smoothly. Sorry for the short downtime that caused, thank you for your patience :content:

All long that the playground stays the same, fine by me.

Although I’d suggest a different division - one for the supernatural (PSI, Precog, AP-ing), and one for natural: Meditation, dreamspell etc…

Why is some SG stuff under “Beyond Dreaming” and some under “Spiritual Corner”? If I were to make a topic pertaining SGs, which would I put it under?

Depends, are you talking about SGs as manifestations of the supernatural or are you talking about the figure which seems to appear in your dreams when you call for a guide? There’s more than just a slight difference. :wink: Anything dream-related goes to Beyond — and anything which is broader or downright unrelated to dreaming goes to the Waking Life boards.

Okay, thank you. I think I’m just confused because dream stuff goes under the “Beyond Dreaming” category, which to me sounds like… beyond dreaming and into other things. Then again, it must be said that my interpretation of word meaning can be a bit odd sometimes. Again, thank you!