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Hey wuts up people. I had my first and only lucid dream lik 3 months ago but until recently i din’t know wut it was. Anyway i think this site can help me out a lot at mastering skills surrounding increased LD. Do any pros out there remember wut it was like when you first started using techniques to improve lucid dreaming. Like the effectiveness and time it took and how much of an increase in LDs did you get over sum time.

“One day i’ll be a pro… one day”

Well, it appears everyone has their own rate of progression. Somet echniques for becoming lucid work better for some people and not so well for others. Just keep experimenting with techniques that you read and hear about and you’ll eventually be able to LD any night you want to.

Glad to have you around.

I made some charts…

(Wow that’s a long time, Epic)

I started LD’ing naturally when I was around five years old. Of course, I had no idea what exactly an LD was…until many, many years later. In that time, I randomly had LD’s every once in a while and I mostly flew.

Strangely enough, it wasn’t until very recently (this January, in fact) that I started trying to develop many LD skills, and trying to get lucid more often. The change was pretty quick. Once I started thinking about getting LD’s, I had them more often. I also remembered them a lot better.

I found some stats:
The ratings from each questionnaire were averaged to create an overall score for each of the 10 major components of ‘Vision’. These ratings (on a scale of 1-10 in descending order of effectiveness; 10 being the least effective, and 1 being the most effective) were as follows:

Journal Keeping: 1.7

Autosuggestion: 1.8

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming: 1.9

Concentration Exercise: 2.4

Prospective Memory Training: 2.7

Interpretation: 3.1

‘Remembering’ Techniques: 3.3

Lucidity from Sleep Paralysis: 4.0

Carrying out Random Acts: 4.7

Dreamsigns: 4.7

you can find more details at:

That’s interesting. I guess one of the reasons Journal Keeping is so high is because it incorporates so many of the others into it. It’s also very rewarding over time.

Yes. And it’s so fantasic that no dream is like another. All you have is unique. :clown:

I think, too, that journal keeping must be so high because you are casting your mind back and reviewing everything about your dream. You can then view what was happening with your rational mind and in doing so get used to seeing the dreamy aspect of your dreams.

Well, I wouldn’t consider myself a pro, because I don’t think it’s fair I never had to learn to LD. I have always been able to do it naturally and until Four years ago didn’t even know what it was called. Try creating LD comic characters. Also, look around for my posts, most all of them give good tips I’m too lazy to repeat here. :wink:

hey, i’m just wondering, how do you get those cool pictures under your stars and names? :rofl:


Those are called ‘Avatars’. You can set one to appear under your name by editing your profile (from the white menu above) and entering the URL for the image you want. If you don’t have a picture uploaded anywhere, you can select one from a small library provided by the site.