New here and wondering about what I have been experiencing

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I will try to make this short and if anyone has any insight, I would love to hear it. In 2001, while I was pregnant, my doctor said to me during a visit that he had a dream about me. I made an offhanded comment that I hoped it was about me having a fast delivery. He said no, it wasn’t that kind of dream. That was all he said and never elaborated. I let it go since I assumed he chose not to discuss it. About three years later, I had surgery done by the same doctor and the night after it, I had a dream that I was with him in a restaurant. Two days later I see him IRL at a restaurant. That totally spooked me.
Then about three months later, I had a very vivid dream about him which I now believe to have been an astral experience. It started with us in complete white light and then we kind of moved to a family room situation. The dream was so real that I was tempted to ask him if he had the same one but decided not to sound like a nut.
Now it’s been over a year and I had another very vivid dream about him although I have moved so I no longer go to him professionally. This time, he looked surprised to see me. My take on this is that I sought him out this last time which is why he was surprised.

So what does all of this mean? Anything or are they just dreams? It’s not like I know him very well personally, just as my doctor.


They’re just dreams.

Yeah, sorry to sound boring but they are just dreams. When you dreamt about him in a restuarant and then he was, its called a precognitive dream; on where you kinda tell the futute in a sense there quite common and that’s actually what dejavus are in my opinion, where what has happened in real life also happened in a dream which you maybe did not recall and is why you have that sense of ‘this has happened before’.

Thank you for your insight. I am curious though about how can you tell a dream that is astral projection versus a dream that is just a dream? These particular dreams felt like they were in 3D where I could actually look around the room and focus on objects. Would that be anything like lucid dreaming? I also was able to fully control what I did in them without any ability to control what he did (or at least I didn’t feel I could - I am pretty good about controlling things in dreams when I choose to).

I am very interested in lucid dreaming and so I guess part of me hoped that this was a version of it. They both happened after I had woken up in the middle of the night and then went back to sleep. Do you believe in shared dreams where two people can interact in the dream state? If so, is this part of lucid dreaming?


It is possible that him mentioning that he dreamed of you sparked your having a dream of him, and it was only your interest in this that caused you to have so many dreams of him. I’m not a huge believer in shared dreams, but I will not claim that they are impossible. It can’t hurt to contact him and ask if he’s been having these dreams too, especially since he’s not your doctor anymore.

Waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep is known as WBTB, and is a good method for getting lucid dreams. It is quite possible that these are simply lucid dreams. If you don’t expect to be able to control an aspect of a lucid dream, such as your doctor, then you won’t be able to, even though you are lucid. It is all about expectations.

Odd that he told you he had a dream while not give any comments about what it was about.

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in 2001 he said he had dreamt about you … which made you think a lot about it… which probably caused you to have these vivid dreams about him.
So in my opinion they are basically dreams.

I am curious though about how can you tell a dream that is astral projection versus a dream that is just a dream?
if you ask different people you will get different answers… some would even say astral are just dreams.
I suppose the “dreams” I had where I talked to my mum after she died would come under the astral heading. I don’t call them dreams since they had a different quality to them.

as you said you do have some control in your dreams

there is only one version of lucid dreaming … you know you are dreaming while in the dream. if a dream is vivid or you have control this doesnt make it lucid.

I believe it is possible :smile:
shared draming can happen in normal dreams or lucid dreams.

I known how you can tell astral projection from a normal dream…YOU CAN’T! They are dreams.

well, others might not agree with me here, we all have our own beliefs, anyways i belive an astral projection is NOT a dream everything that happens is all real Robert Bruce (a famous astral projecter) explains lots of stuff in his books, and ive had many astral projections aswell, and there alot different from dreams, in a dream if you realise your dreaming you can make things appear and control the dream, but in astral projection you cannot control whats going on even if you realise your astral projecting.

I also believe that there are dreams and then there are astral projections. I have had a few precognitive dreams where what I dreamed happened within the next week and certainly I am one of many people that have experienced that phenomenon. My mind can not create the future (especially when I have no control over it - like seeing my doctor in a restaurant). I honestly don’t know if these were just dreams or astral projections but I tend to believe they are astral. They are so clear and vivid not to mention that I never knew about astral travel until I had the first one and I was so shocked by it that I began to research dreams on the internet. It was only then that I found people describing the same very clear and vivid dreams. Honestly, I am 38 and have had MANY dreams but this is the first time I felt I had to research why. I have to think that means something.

Thank you to everyone for your insight. It is very appreciated. I think it help me realize that these had to be astral projections. They weren’t just dreams.


It doesn’t matter how vivid or unvivid a dream is, if you know that you are dreaming then you are lucd, even if you have no control over the dream just as if you have control over a dream but you don’t know you’re dreaming then your not lucid.

As for astral projection, I don’t really believe in it myself, if you think a lot about it then maybe you’ll dream of an astral projection or something I dunno. Well i shouldn’t judge it cause i don’t know much about it to be honest and what appreciate a bit of insight into it.

Hi, and welcome to the forum. :smile:

I say you write your old doctor a letter… Ask him if he still remembers his dream. Ask him what it was about. Tell him about your own dreams. Even if you don’t know him well personally, that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t - he might end up being a wonderful friend.

As for lucid dreams, they can be just as vivid and clear as reality. I personally think that dreaming and astral projection are the same basic phenomena, but I think it’s far more than what science suspects… That is to say, not “just a dream”. I think shared dreaming is possible, along with many other strange things… :tongue:

I feel Lucid Dreaming is more approachable than Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences, however… The exercises tend to be easier, and results often come quicker for people just getting started. But it’s all worthwhile to pursue… Hope you stick around!

Hmmm… Is it really a good idea? What will he think if he don’t remember anything, what is the most likely? :bored:

I would be very scared to contact him with that. You have to understand that I was VERY quiet when I was in his office. I tend to be shy and in front of a doctor, forget it. I totally clam up. Not to mention that he was my age so that makes it even more intimidating. However, I would love to know his side of all this dreaming stuff.

I believe in reincarnation and when I first went to him, I kept thinking I knew him. I looked into his background and while we grew up in the same state, we were several hours away from each other and I am now sure we never met. It just seemed like I must know him from somewhere. So maybe he is from a past life and we met up in this life as doctor and patient. I wish there was some magical way of getting answers to all of this.


There is… It’s called email! :tongue:

I actually had something similar happen myself, except it was a waking vision instead of a dream. I was just walking around one day, when everything I was seeing went away - in its place, I saw a girl open a door and look up at me. Vivid stuff, clear as day. A few seconds later, the same scene repeated itself for real, with the same girl. Except this time she smiled. :wiske:

I haven’t figured out why it happened yet, and maybe I never will - but I’ve been writing to her for the past few months… I’m glad I’ve gotten to know her, and she’s happy I have too.

And don’t worry about shyness… Hell, I’m as shy as they come - but writing letters is much, much easier than talking. Just write your letter and click “send” before you have a chance to think twice about it… The worst that could happen is he’ll think you’re crazy! :crazy: Is that so bad? Even if he doesn’t remember, he’ll probably be glad to hear from you. He’s the one who started talking about dreams in the first place…

Think about it this way, you’ve now told hundreds of complete strangers about these dreams - but the one person you haven’t told is the one person you really should tell. I hope you do.

Maybe with email, I would be brave enough but I have no email address for him. I am just a big chicken!


Hmm, my Friend’s mom experiences similar dreams. She once dreamed that her purse was stolen from her car. The next day, lo and behold, it was. Unfortunately all her psychic dreams were BAD things =(