New here, questions about my dream habits

This is my first post here, I just found out about lucid dreaming and am extremely fascinated. I have a couple
of questions about my dream habits so I’ll know where I stand when it comes to lucid dreaming. I’ve always been
a little obsessed with my dreams, or really just dreams in general. I dream in full, splendid color and I’ve always remembered most of my dreams. On average I remember about 3 dreams a night, and I can usually remember 1 of those permanently, as 2 of them are usually pretty pointless, and the 1 being very interesting. Recently I had an “accidental” lucid dream, and I feel like there were a couple more I don’t remember, but then my dreams became drastically more lifelike, so much that the only reason I know they’re dreams is because I’m suddenly in my bed. My dreams usually seem pretty long, there are only 1 or 2 things in the dream that defy
the laws of the physical world(such as flying, or surviving a gun shot to the face, though most of the time not as obvious as these examples.) The overall context of the dream is usually a little odd, but most of the time not completely out of reason. My inherent dream recall gives me confidence, but this recent rush of exremely realistic dreams has me a bit concerned at my ability to have a lucid dream. Sorry this was a bit long, but I would appreciate any feedback on this.

Hey Dreammonger, welcome to the forum.

Realism in dreams is no drawback to become lucid. I would even say that your excellent dream recall and the vivid dreams themselves are a very good starting point for LD-ing. You should just stick with a certain technique for a while (I like WBTB+MILD best, but perhaps WILD is something for you) and see what it brings you. Good luck!

Thanks Xetrov, I’m very relieved to hear that.