New Idea: Video Games?

I dont know if this has been discussed before, but we could make video games for LD practice. This would help for the people who try compatible things with Video Games…it would be made of flash(obviously) and we would perhaps, make pictures. The pictures are either real or fake. You are given no longer than 4 seconds per picture (or less, because in dreams, things come and go quickly) and it goes away, and you give answer. However…it seems like the game would get boring. This would increase the consciousness of objects around you possibly. Like I said, for those who try to visualize about video games, or they often get video games for dreams - this could work. I have no idea though, as it came off the top of my head. You would have to make it interesting too, so it would make you get into the game. heh…

LOL…Or go for a card game with world-wide distribution!
Shared Dreaming: the Gathering
Okay, but I don’t see how this would help, although it is interesting.

Sounds like a MILD method, just visualizing a scene enough where you’ll fall into that loop and dream about it.

Might be fun, I wouldn’t mind playing a dream-Halo! :open_mouth:

maybe some real and trick photos?
we could post them and someone would make a flash “album”

No, what I am saying is - often, people have video games that they know in their dreams (if they often play video games)…usually the most interesting. If you could make a LDing game interesting enough, it might appear in the dreams. You would be reminded to do a RC because in the game, there would be weird objects that in real life, trained you to RC on (or lucid live). Hm, oh well.

A silent hill lucid game…Sounds good to me!

Somewhat relevant to the topic, I have been plaing Half Life almost every day since the summer. And lately I’ve been having dreams that I’m in the game almost every night.

Exactly, as the above post says, you play a game often, and you are in it - Espescially if it is fun

A Fun RC/Lucid Living game thats addicting = being in game in a dream = PLENTIFUL dreamsigns

That frequently happens to me as well. If I play a new game all the time I will have some elements if not the exact game appear in my dreams. I don’t think it happens often enough for me to be able to use it though… personally. Wouldn’t hurt to get on Flash and make one though Mimix.

Suprised I haven’t dreamt of Neverwinter Nights lately, actually…

This sounds like a very good idea… But why does it have to be in flash?
I know that a very large portion of the people on the forum know how to program real applications/games using C++ or Visual Basic.

I would say at least 15-20% of the people here know how to program for some reason. We could make it a project, assigning individual tasks to everyone who wants to pitch in…

I guess it could be good idea to just re-do existing game.I remember that sciencists proved that ppl playing “tetris” before sleep had better dream recall.So how about implanting messages like “this is a dream” or similar into tetris…lets say everytime you complete 10 lines or something like this?
Would be simple and everyone could give it few goes before sleep.

Hah, im 13. My high school has C++ and I plan to take it, I know nothing like C++, Flash, and im terrible at HTML how it is.

Ten lines? Hmm…Id say more like 5.

Sounds like a pretty nice idea to me, but I was really inspired by Jack’s comment about remaking an existing game. To anyone already familiar with games like Half-Life, or UT… this means mods! (Modifications, as opposed to moderators. :wink: )

It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, just a few small changes here and there to bring the topic of lucid dreaming into the experience. Perhaps rename some of the more rare or powerful items to “Reality Check”, or replace some of the sounds with “Am I dreaming?”, etc. Could be quite fun, and after a few hours of play, you might even find yourself dreaming of it. :wink:

what about going into your console and typing “sv_gravity 300” on counter strike? good fo’ some lucid jumps, flying, and an overall hoot. Also have some grafitti on the walls that changes every time you look at it… swirling skies…

but i’ve given up on c++. no more cout<< and cin>> (that’s not even how you do it is it?) for me it’s actually printf(""); and scanf("%d", &x); and something like that. Learning the basic functions of C before learning c++ stinks.

When I converted from C to C++ I continued using printf/scanf as well, just because I was comfortable with those traditional functions. Honestly though, cin and cout are significantly better in almost every situation. I guess that becomes more apparent when you get into streaming classes and such, and type casting goes out the window.

cout << “Are you dreaming?”;

Anyway, this topic has had me thinking all day. Even without changing the game, it’s still possible to develop a habit of performing a reality check based on certain events that randomly occur, like capturing a flag, etc. Certainly more than half of my dreams are inspired by video games, so it seems like an effective idea to me.

I did that Tetris game.

I think it’d be enough just change some levels in a FPS game - insert some graffiti on walls (“Are you dreaming?”, “Do a RC!”). I think it’ll work on existing levels, especially difficult ones (when you’re trying to complete a level so many times that you start dreaming of it).

A game that will randomly give you messages such as “you are dreaming” etc…? I’m not sure if that will work.

If the game proves to be addictive, then most likely you will get used to these messages and ignore them, thus ignoring them if they are to appear in your dream. And you can’t really be sure that they WILL appear in your dream even if you do have a dream about the game (like doing an RC every time your wristwatch beeps, you have no guarantee that it will beep in your dream.)

If anyone are to create/modify a game to help lucidity, I think it should be something more than some random game with a bunch of messages and “dreamsigns” (No offence though, the tetris game was fun :wink: ). It should be something in the game that will make you positive that you are awake/dreaming while playing it, I have no idea what that would be though…

Odd2k, that’s a valid point, but the idea isn’t necessarily to dream of playing a game and suddenly noticing a large unexpected “Are you dreaming?” sign on the wall. It’s just to keep your mind thinking about lucid dreaming while you’re playing the game, in the hopes that later that night you’ll use the game’s inspiration to be reminded of this questioning state of mind. All it takes is a single on-topic thought to provoke lucidity mid-dream, and if that occurs simply because you’ve been doing hundreds of RCs throughout the day, fantastic.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing specifically, the continual idea that you might be dreaming followed by an effective test to verify that you’re not, may in fact help you re-enact that process in a dream. I certainly wouldn’t say it wasn’t at least worth a try.

Wow, simple idea turned crazy =-o