New inexpensive way to build lucid inducing device?

buy these lights that they put in cars that pulse to the waveform of the music, then set an ipod/cd alarm for 90 minutes after you think you will be asleep and the music and the lights will go off at the same time…i dont know how this would work practically but it seems like it might…does anyone have any ideas?


the problem here is that on ‘average’ it takes 7 minutes to get to sleep, however us lucid dreamers subconciously train ourself through knowledge and practice of WILD to take up to an hour to get to sleep.

It’s very difficult to time it to get 90 minutes on the dot. And if you get it wrong, you bugger up your whole night’s sleep, which is worse than not doing it at all. I did this for a month using my timed application firing at the wrong time, and i had the worst sleep ever for a long time…

visual REM detection is the only feasible way, or EEG detection or EMG of facial muscles, arm tension or general resistivity.