New/Invented LD techniques???


It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been having a sort of dry spell and I was wondering about all the new/different/invented LD inducing techniques. I know all the basic ones. Could you all please give me some ideas? Thanks in advance!

Jaclyn :wiske:

I discovered this one myself a few days ago :smile:

A little something I discovered. Its reverse-psychology MILD or R-P MILD.

Those are very interesting! Thanks, guys. :cool: I’m still open to hearing other people’s ideas too. People on this website are so brilliant. I wish I could come up with something cool.

I was reading about something called Tongue Induced LD (TILD). This person said to keep your mind active (for WILD), that you move your tongue across the ridge of your mouth. I wouldn’t think the movement would have to be very minimal b/c your tongue does not paralyze itself when you sleep. But I guess you shouldn’t move it around to the point where you’re moving your mouth. That would just keep you awake!

Wow, that was long. But I had to share! :content: :eek: