New Technique?

2 days ago, I was looking at some stuff on the forum and I came upon Sigil’s induced lucid dream. Before that, I was looking at some MILD stuff. In Sigil’s, you had to try to keep the “sigil” out of your mind. Then it hit me. What if we do MILD and try to forget about the mantras. Repressed thoughts usually end up in dreams. So, I did MILD after I woke up in the morning and tried to forget about it throughout the day. I went to bed trying not to think about my mantra. That night, I had 2 false awakenings and 3 fully lucid dreams :grin: . I’d like to hear about yalls opinions :content: Maybe try it post the results.

“I tried to forget throughout the day”…hmmm sounds like “I thought about it all day”. From my experience you can’t tell your mind: “Don’t think of about the pink elephant”, because that results in the opposite. How do you forget?

hoho! got me there. I’d think about it and try to forget about it; do something to distract my train of thought. Something like that. Even though, things you TRY to forget can end up in a dream.

I think that like he said your mind normal dreams are normally about supressed thoughts, the reason he dreamed about it was because, yes he was thinking about it but it was the way he was thinking about it i mean that he didnt want to think about it

exactly what i was thinking.

I did something similar to this last night, I started out with a mantra about improving my dream recall did this for about 15 - 20 minutes the listened to so music and focused of that as I fell asleep so I completely “forgot” about the mantra all together. I also got this idea from the sigil method. Btw I remembered 4 dreams last night while my usual is 2 or less!!

That’s the real trick to MILD; getting the intention through to your SC. By trying to not think about, as BRB said, you thought about it all day. In a sense, this was a reverse-psychology MILD. Odd how the mind works, isn’t it?

Well that’s handy. I’ll give that a shot, I listen to music before bed anyway.

It could be a nightmare reason?
Like the kid thinking he don’t want to see spiders in his dreams all the day long, and then dream about it?

Gonna try.

Using suppressing thoughts to incubate a dream…interesting idea indeed. :smile:

This is really interesting…really interesting.

I think I’ll give it a try.

Could be because of what I think of inducing a DS: “If you think about something much throughout the whole day, changes are 90% you’ll dream about it.” (which, as I can see, most posts here confirm…).

Still, I’m not sure about it. I “extracted” that about three-four months ago when I had much free time (vacation and people being on vacation) and thought about LD all day - that was my glorious LD time when I had each night a fraction of second a “lucid moment” or FLD-moment. (- that as a parentheses).

Those were the days… :smile:

Tried the technique again yesterday. I immediately knew it was a dream, but a DC punched me in the face before I could do anything. :sad: That led to a false awakening with zero lucidity.

Another interesting thing happened when I tried this technique. I did it yesterday. I didn’t get lucid, but a DC kept following me. He repeated,“forget it,forget it” Kind of ghostly. Was weird. I wasn’t lucid, but maybe the DC was talking about the forgetting part in my technique.

Aw, it’s just morning! I could have tried this… :sad: Ah well, I find the results intresting though… hm… wait, there is a problem… I AM REALLY GOOD AT FORGETTING STUFF! Which is no lie, you can look at my Dream Journal if you don`t believe me.

Try it! I’m really interested in anyone else’s results from this technique. So far, out of 13 attempts, I’ve been lucid 4 times.

I will have to give it a go.

I like this, because it is like me telling you, “Don’t think about an elephant.”

What did you just do?

You pictured an elephant.

So if you are telling yourself not to think about RCs and your intention to LD, then you think about them.

Might be a way for people that think negative anyway to overcome some of that negativity by giving into it.

This really helped with a WBTB yesterday. I had a lucid dream. So its 25 attempts and 10 lucid dreams.