What method do you think has the highest success rate?

I have been trying WILD and MILD, but haven’t gotten either yet. As of now I am mostly working on my dream recall though. Out of all of them which do you think most people find easiest? How should I decide what to use?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a WILD. Or at least not many.

Eat three or four ounces of peanuts before bed. Your dreams will become more vivid and memorable, and you’ll be more likely to realize that you’re dreaming.

I think the method that has the highest success rate is the one that suits you the most, and the one that you practice the most :happy:!

I’m giving you such a indirect answer, because that’s how it is… You have to find the technique that is good for you, and then make it great for you… :happy:

Sorry if the answer is not what you been hopping for! :happy:

dB’s answer, though it sounds rather vague, is actually the right one. If a method works great for a group of people, but it doesn’t for you, then why continue to try it?

Well ,first way is motivation, and after, well each brain is unique so you have to find your own technique.

But if you want an answer, well…if you don’t had a LD yet ,it don’t means you can’t get LD’s ,you can get more LD’s than you want, if you are motivated, then you will never give up! And you will get an LD!

Until your first LD ,try everything, and find your own rituals and techniques.
If you want an advice, you should start playing with autosuggestions and mantras.

With one single sentence my dream recall have been multiplied by 5 and soon i will be back in LD’s. :happy:

Believe me or not, I think the WILD has the highest success rate. The thing is, once you get the hang of it, it becomes really easy. OR you could try this new thing I started to do. Its got me lucid 2/3 times.
New Technique?

FILD works really good I think, and it’s really easy.
Also, just being able to know what is real and what isn’t easily really helps, so like DILD…