New items in the shop! [updated when there is something new]

I’ve added some new products to the LD4all RC shop, there are now new cool t-shirts that will make you do a RC.

:peek: interestingly, i had a LD tonight caused when i saw my husband having “is this a dream?” on his t-shirt" and I did a RC :happy:

I also added a “Is this a dream?” bumper sticker ^^

check it out

Mirror shirts! Cooool! :happy:

That yellow thisrt saying uæææ ?

Is that some sort of old inside joke ?

Yes :grin:

In that case, I don’t understand that inside joke at all. :razz:


How did i guess that :anx: :wink:

Hæ? You’re Norwegian, you should know what uæææ! stands for! :wink:

Also: lovely shirts, Q! I had a smilar idea a while ago, but never got around to making an RC—t–shirt.

[size=100]I just wonder why the images are inverted… :razz:[/size]

Cwazy Bwoon. :razz: Those are inverted so that you can read them when you look into a mirror. :mirror:

yup, and then do the mirror RC while you’re at it.

at the back it is not inverted.

So! it’s your personal RC when you look in the mirror, and for all other people who wonder what you have on your shirt, when you walk past they will read, and maybe do a RC as well.

@Bruno , UÆÆÆÆ os some kind of yell in norwegian , if something goes wrong :wink:

It actually dont make it better that im norwegian :razz:

Anyways , could someone explain it ?

AND btw , the nxt topic here becoems the 100th !

I’m not quite sure I get it, but if I saw a backwards shirt saying “HEEEEY!” at me every time I looked in the mirror, I might just perform a reality check :content:

the :ld4all: badge is now available IRL as well :happy:

wear it to recognize other LD4all members ^^

don’t let the ultra thick black border fool you - part of it will be folded over the edge

I want one of those! :happy:

I would like to see products with “Oneironaut” printed on them in the store too. The badge is a nifty idea.