New kind of RC for me!

Hey guys, I’ve found out today a RC that apparently works better for me than any other.

First, I gotta tell a short but nice story to explain everything. If anyone has ever heard/watched the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, they must know what transmutation is. To make it short for everyone who doesn’t know, picture it as magic that transforms things according to the law of equal trade and stuff. The main character of the series, Edward Elric (AKA Ed) can make a transmutation by clapping his hands once in a prayer-like position (best comparison I could make -_-; ) and touching whatever he needs to transmutate.

Well, now that I’ve told that background, here’s part two of the story (Will I ever get to the point?):
Once I had a ND that I could make transmutations like Ed. I’d clap my hands and be transforming some stuff. While it wasn’t as flashy as in the anime, it was REALLY REALLY cool! I think I was slightly lucid in that dream, but I’m not sure. It felt much more vivid than most dreams I’ve had.

I woke up, and since them, I’ve got the habit of remembering the dream, and more than once, when noone’s around, I’d clap my hands and make the transmutation motion. Of course, never worked. (Pathetic -_-; ).

After some time, I finnally realised today: Since transmutations don’t work in real life, but they did work in my dreams, that could be a perfect reality check! What do you guys think?

Heh… now that I finished the post that I see how big it ended up for such a simple idea.

PS: I am not crazy :happy: You gotta try and trasmutate stuff to see how fun that is.

I played the Full Metal Alchemist video games a lot. I think thats a really good anime , didnt watch a lot (cutscene) but it look really good.

Thats look like a great way to do a LD. I will try some transmutation when I will have a LD , im sure its a easy way to think about it in a dream.

It sounds like a funny idea! :happy:

Ye ofc you dont have to stick to the ‘common’ RCs, the best thing is to find a RC that you remember and like to do :wink: