New LD idea!

I just thought of i great idea that might help some people become lucid!

So i remember reading somewhere that when we sleep we wake up several times during the night and most of them we don’t even remember… And lets say as an example everytime you see an american flag you think about lucid dreaming. So if you hang a flag in front and next to your bed, maybe when you wake up you will see the flag, then instantly go back to bed and the thought of lucid dreaming will be in your head and you might become lucid!! Or if that doesnt work maybe you will just have a dream about flags, and then realize you’re dreaming! O_o it could work…

That might work but i’m not sure if you actually open you’re eyes when you wake up, you just regain consciousness.But again i’m not sure, it might actually work,someone could try it and post the results in here.

Well, that’s technically an RC.
You question your state whenever you see the flag, including dreams.
It would be a good dream sign and I think it will work :smile:

That’s a good idea. When i wake up i am so tired i just close my eyes again and fall back asleep. But if i use your idea and hang up a flag or someting else like a piece of papper with a text like: “Are you dreaming?” i would start thinking about lucid dreaming, and then maybe it would work and i’ll become lucid. I’ll try this techniqe sometime. :spinning: