New LD technique

Hi everyone. I have an idea for a new LD technique. I find it works quite well. It works like this. Choose something really crazy, like pink elephants, and the whole day, be obsessed with pink elephants. Talk about them with your friends, read about them, draw them(all these things help establish neuron connections), then, everytime you think of a pink elephant, do an RC. Do this a lot. Literally be obsessed with pink elephants, and you have to do an RC everytime you think of them. That way, as you made lots of neuron connections about pink elephants, you are almost guaranteed to have a dream with a pink elephant in it. Then when you see a pink elephant, you will do an RC and realize you are lucid. Tell me what you think, and what a good name would be for this kind of technique.

Sounds like it will work :smile: Kinda like an extended version of MILD. Fits the person who are motivated and can think about pink elephants an entire day.

its kinda hard for me to think about the same thing all day but i will try this and post my results =]

I think it should be called an OILD(Obsession Induced Lucid Dream) :tongue: !

I’ll try it today and see what happens!

Hm…I’ll try this tomorrow!

Sounds pretty cool. Maybe, just maybe, it will make me have my first Lucid Dream :wink:

It should totaly be PEILD - Pink Elephant Induced Lucid Dream.

Though, most of the daily things that come to my dreams is rather small,
Like - stare at a teadybear or hear about someplace or hear about franch television speaking only english.

The things that makes this work is that

  1. The object you choose is very crazy, big, and hard to miss
  2. You have to do lots of activities to establish neuron connections.
    It may sound weird, but drawing is actually the best way to do so. Also,
    try talking about pink elephants with your friends and write stories about
    3.Do RCs every time you think about pink elephants. That way when you notice them in your dream you will do an RC and realize you are lucid

Wow that was smart to think of this rubiks_cube_man, I’ll try it out.

Well, has anyone had any positive results with this yet?

This kind of technique (an artificial DS) has been talked about before, in an old topic, but i can’t find it for the life of me. Maybe it’s somewhere in the Scribes corner. Ohwell :meh:
Anyway, should this technique work with a completely artificial dreamsign, i think it could work better with a real dreamsign you already found. It still must be crazy for a DS (not your friends or your house, IE), but you can have fun letting it become a bigger part of your life, thinking about it, drawing it, more thinking, you know the drill.

Edit: here it is!