New, LD4all in greek :)

The greek LD4all has just been launched :smile: So if your native tongue is greek (or you want to improve your greek), check out the new greek guide :smile:


edit: was in such a hurry when writing this, but ofcourse BIG THANKS to Spinnet from enthallagi for providing the translation :clap:

enthallagi is also the “sister” greek forum for if you want to talk about lucid dreaming in greek :smile:

What do i say. Yay?


be in greek? or is it in english so they do a RC? :wink:

I thought ooo and then thought of poseidon :happy:

the shop link is in english on all the pages since the shop itself is in english :tongue:

So I thought it would be disappointing if the link text is in greek/french/dutch and then you come in the shop and you see english everywhere.

That’s awesome Qu! Now, if only I could speak greek :tongue:

Well I can read Dutch, English and a little french but greek… :confused:

points at your sig :tongue:

besides you know what it should say, the text is basically the same on all language versions :cool:

Way to go, Q and Spinnet!!! :clap:

One step closer to globalizing the LD4all message. (That sounded cheesy :tongue: )
Still don’t have a Spanish (2th most spoken language in the world) one though.
…and a Japanese one would be fun too… goes practice

Now all we need is a swedish guide.

GERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN (really i NEED a good german LD board :razz:)

/me will read the greek site!

Edit: Why is the link on the homepage linked to the english forum instead of the greek forum?

Probably becouse there are no Greek forum. :tongue:
Only Enthallagi, witch isn’t really a part of LD4all.

and if you knew greek :tongue: you’d see that it said that it’s the international forum, but there is a greek forum too on enthalaggi. /me gives painoQus a cookie.

I’m learning old Greek at school, but it isn’t enough to understand all that xD

Awesome…that,i would never have imagined!

Cool! Yet Greek is all greek to me!XD
Ah, Spanihs would be cool. And Mandarin. But Greek is very…classy.

/me verifies if it is Aprils Fools today. :eek:

Waw! A LD4all in greek, that’s great! :happy: Congrats to the greek team! :clap:

Whoo ld4all in greek!
Although i cant help but ask… out of all the other languages, why greek?
It seems like im the only greek person in the entire forum!

Classy? :lol: Why? :content:

Maybe George persuaded her…

George is a technician at my school, and has earned himself the nickname of “The Greek Stallion”

I cant help but wonder why :tongue:

Is there anyone who’s greek here? Except me…?