New, LD4all in greek :)

English is the 2th most spoken language in the world after mandarin, spanish is at rank 4

And what about translation to czech ? :smile: Don’t worry it was only joke :smile:

Hello everyone!
I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if the greek forum is still active and if so, how can I get an invitation code?

Looking back at the first post and the instructions on the Greek home page, it looks like Enthallagi is the Greek sister forum. Sadly I don’t read Greek so I don’t know if there are any extra instructions on the Greek page. Let me see if I can get someone to look into this for you…

I spoke with the admin on this a little bit. It looks like the site had gone down about a year ago but we weren’t sure if it was still run by the same people. I tried to get in but I can’t figure out how to get an access code other than being referred by the site owner. A quick google search looks like it’s bringing up a lot of music based websites that have as a member. If we find out anything else we’ll let you know right away.

I miss the frnch forum :sad:

Hello everybody!!! :wiske: :wiske:
I’m new here and I need some help…
I want to register to the Greek forum but as it says, i need an “invitation code”!
Do you know how can I get one? I just read in a previews post that the Greek site is down… :confused: :confused:

The Greek forum had been bought by someone else. We weren’t sure whether or not it had to do with LD’s, but it appears to now be a music based site on an invite-only basis. That means at the moment, no Greek forum, though the Greek LD4all still exists.

Well, this thread is for the Greek forum, but I’ll go ahead and send you this link. This is a temporary site made from members of the French LD4all.

Hey, that’s very good, that LD4All is in greek. I can make also a Polish version of LD4all, just contact me via pm, I am ready to help :smile:



this alll looks like greek to me :slight_smile:
i’m just starting out on the forums, if anyone can help me find some great info on binaural beats, i’d appreciate it!

sweet!! now I just have to learn how to lucid dream in greek :smile:

Δηλαδη φορουμ στα ελληνικα δεν εχει? Φτου…