New Method - OILD - Thoughts?

Last night, I had an interesting idea for a new method. Essentially, it works like this: When you concentrate on an object hard enough before going to sleep, you generally see it in your dreams. Pick an object to concentrate on, say for the purposes of our discussion, an axe. When you see that particular axe, you know that you are dreaming, to trigger the conscious. Now, there is a small complication: When I tried it last night, I used a wooden cross that had been given to me in Alaska, and when I dreamt, I dreamt about Alaska, not about the cross. Therefore, if the object has close personal connections, you need to be aware of any relationships to it. Anyway, any thoughts on this method?

(Note, forgot to include, OILD stands for Object Induced Lucid Dream, as a side note)

It looks like a good method to me, all you need to do is pick one dream sign (the object), and make sure you dream about it…
I will try it tonight :smile:

I’ll try it as well. Just keep visualizing it, right?

sounds good
I have a suggestion. Maybe picking something like a watch, clock, or something electronic/digital would be better. Ex. If your object is a digital watch, if you see it in your dreams, theres is a chance that it might not make you lucid. So, if that fails, you might see that it says something like “27:T6” and then that too can cause lucidity. Sort of like a backup.

I tried it once and I had no effect, but then again, I havn’t had any LDs yet… So I’ll keep trying for another week or so.

im gonna try this tonight!! :grin:

This is like using MILD but using it with your dreamsign or just a random object I suppose. I’ll try this tonight.