New mixed techinque for Novice (works fine !!)

Hello everyone?
It is really long time ago since I post my last topic here. Now I noticed that the interface of the forum has changed a lot too.
In the mean time I developed new technique to induce the lucid dream or AP - I rather say it is close to AP, but still it is very cool lucid dream too- with easy.

I am not sure whether everybody can do it with easy but if you guys are really eager to get lucid dream, I am sure you will get very long lucid dream tomorrow morning.

Step 1
Stay awake until 1:00 AM
The reason why you need to stay awake late is to go in to sleep easily next morning. I think this technique is known one ( Morning Nap)

Step 2
Next day You need to get up early in the morning. I would recommend to get up 1 hour in advance.
(This is exactly same technique as you already know - the Morning Nap-)
But the Morning Nap technique does not always successful in my case.

Step 3
Wash your face or take a shower. And go to work or school. But you should drive your car. If it is holiday you will great time in the car. Anyway you will arrive at your work or school 1 hour earlier.

Step 4
Take some sleep in the car, you will easily go in to sleeping. At this moment try your favorite Lucid dream technique. It will work perfectly!!
I normally count 1 with inhale and count 2 with exhale slowly slowly…
Then I suddenly find out that I am in the very vivid dream state.

Step 5
Why can you get lucidity during your sleep in the Car?
Actually you will get lucidity automatically. I don’t think you need to do something else to get lucidity. The reason why you can get lucid dream with easy in the car is very complicate so let me tell you it later.
Very often you will dream that you driving a car or you will notice that you are actually in the car and having a dream now.
Then try to fly through the roof of Car. Sometimes it will not work but I am sure you can do it with several tries. When your head penetrated the roof of the car you will feel very strange feeling, in my case I normally feel black out that is why I think it is very close AP.

Step 6
How can we get long lucid dream?
Once you success to fly out. don’t surprise , Never excite!
Just enjoy the landscape. Novice lucid dreamer normally looking for sexual image at this moment but please don’t do that!! It will wake up soon. When you continue the fly, then you will find very fantastic place soon. If you find that kind of place just try landing. You will enjoy your dream very much in there. Normally there are lot of people in my case. I can talk to them and get some reply. When I said to somebody
hi there! you know you are only my dream character!!
Normally they said that they also know about that!!
I never looking for beautiful girl there, I just meet any girl and touch the face of that girl then the girl’s face transform in to my favorite one.

Very important thing to remember!!
You will get lucid dream almost every mooring with this technique.
Don’t use the car as a reality check. Sometimes it is really confusing whether it is dream or real? Just park the car in the safe place and try reality check or try fly out!!!

I only have push bike:(:(:frowning:

I cant wait for further info why the CAR?

There are many reason why the Car is the best place to get lucid dream.
First of all I have 2 essencial question.
why do we dream?
How do we dream?
Actually we don’t know that much about these question.
But do we know that why it is that hard to get Lucid dream every night.
The main reason is that our brain normally concentrate on on going dream and can’t get notice it is dream. if we notice that then dreamscape become not stable.
This is quite normal phenomenon for novice lucid dreamer.

But if we get morning nap in the car, the situation is much different.

  1. Yon normally sleep dressed up.
  2. Sleep position also different : We can’t move much during sleeping.
  3. Air also different
  • a lack of Oxygen and a little bit hot temperature can cause lucid dream.
  1. The angle of your sleeping body also important. Normally 12 degree angle is recommended for good lucid dream. If you lay down in the Car. You will get these angle.
  2. Our brain can get more alert during morning Nap and especially when you sleep in the car.
  3. Your mind and brain can get comfortable but your body will get a little bit uncomfortable when you get morning nap in your car after 30 minute driving. This is the perfect situation for Lucid dream.
  • I think if you can find some place which meets all these condition, that place will be the best one for you. Actually I am not simply insist on morning nap in the Car.