New perspectives on my journey? :)

Hi everyone! I’m very new to this space but it seems like a great community and am eager to engage. I was hoping to share my journey and get any feedback to show me new perspectives on where I’m at.

I first heard of LD about 5 years ago when I watched the American Dad episode where the son Steve uses lucid dreams to live out fantasies and I’ve been chasing total LDs ever since, every day seemingly with more frustration and determination then the last.

To my knowledge I’ve experienced about 15-20 LDs. They don’t happen very often but every time I become lucid I seem to feel a little more in control than the last time. I’m looking for new perspectives on my experiences so maybe it might show me a blind spot I have. Also if anything I say reminds you of your own experience, please share. I’d love to connect over similar dream experiences.

So the last LD I experienced was about a month ago. In waking life, I had to be up for an important day of work early the next morning. But before I went to bed I chugged a big ass protein smoothie and big ass glass of water, which made me throw up almost immediately lol. I woke up a few hours later with really bad acid reflux and the discomfort wasn’t letting me fall back asleep. After an hour of tossing and turning I woke my mom up for motherly advice. She gave me tums and suggested I sleep with my shoulders propped up.

I’ve read that sleeping upright can promote wakefulness, so I think this adjusted sleeping posture combined with the unintentional WBTB were major factors in me becoming lucid. And as a side note, most of my LDs have occurred when something unusual happens in the night, whether something unusual wakes and keeps me up, or I’m sleeping in an unusual place.

So the dream. I’m watching porn while I’m laying in bed with the porn star in the video. My attention switches from the video to the woman, and I have a realization I can experience deeper sexual satisfaction by mindfully being with the women with our bodies rather than watching a fantasy seen on the phone. I then realized I need to be at work in 20 mins (probably a manifestation of the stress I felt about my work day in the morning) and run to my car. I am anxiously racing down rainbow road from Mario Kart when an incoherent feeling overcomes me and i slip off the road. Everything goes black.

I wake up in a strange town where there is a little Mexican boy standing next to a building. He tells me I am dreaming. The experience becomes an LD. However, he’s telling me i was in a car accident, my car slid off rainbow road and I hit my head.

In waking consciousnesses i had recently suffered a concussion and was feeling very anxious about it.

he’s telling me i suffered a TBI and im in a coma. He tells me I’m not going to wake up and I will soon die. I am FREAKING out.

I’m very fortunate to not typically experience nightmares. I haven’t experienced one since I was a kid and this was definitely the most scary dream experience I’ve had in a long time.

I’m screaming WAKE UP WAKE UP trying to wake myself up. It doesn’t work. I’m trapped in the LD, which I believe is because my body is in a comatose state. I contemplate what I should do with my final moments of consciousness and very emotionally manifest my mom and brother. I am hugging my mom bawling my eyes out, asking her if I’m really in a coma (as if she is a visitor from the outside world) she’s telling me I am. The same thing happens with my brother. It is an extremely emotionally revealing experience, Showing me what is most important to me in my last moments and the how overwhelming such an experience can be. After hugging and crying for a little while, i feel an emotional release and the dream became much less heavy. I proceeded to use my lucidity to skateboard and try to do things with the board I can’t do in waking life. After doing this for a little while, the dream imagery begins to fade, which i interpreted as the approaching death the little Mexican boy told me about. I peacefully accepted it, having already said my goodbyes.

I later woke up to find it was all a dream, I was not in a coma and laughed about the whole experience. I also marveled at how incredibly deceiving experiences can be. This has been my last LD to date and part of me feels the experience was so frightening that I’m hiding from lucidity, even tho I have only amplified my waking practice since then. Very curious to hear interpretations on the experience or if anyone can relate in anyway. Thanks!!