New profile field: current LD goal(s)

Hey guys & gals,

I’ve added a new profile field for those who wish to announce their current LD goal(s). It will display below the signature. Look at mine for an example.

I hope you like :grin:

Also, I have rephrased the wording of the LD count - it’s now clear that this is about the LD’s you already have had, and not LD’s you wish to have. ( :wave: moogle. See, my memory sometimes does work, even though it takes ages :grin: )

any feedback / comments, please let me know :content:

edit: testing to see something
edit2: ahh, ok.

Hmm, Ill add my current goal right away :razz:

Seriously, this is a great idea to see what goal people have :grin:

cool. my sig got messed up.

see, I can break stuff too, bruno!

edit: ahhh fixed. :whew:

Just checking to see if I see my current goal. :smile:

hmm I don’t know if you can use BB code in that, good idea to test. But you have to switch the \ into / at the end.

edit: tested too, and it’s not possible. However, I’ll tweak a bit with the way it looks, it’s now a bit bland. Suggestions welcome.

nope doesn’t work
Would be nice if it did, better visible

I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to include BB codes, but I can change the way it looks for everyone.

Guess if you change your quote above to a different color, then your goal is more visible

Is it possible to create a similar box as the signature? Just limit the character amount?

[spoiler]In your text, no more than 30 characters without space too.

BBCodes ON:


Smilies are ON[/spoiler]
Leave the same options as in the signature space?

oh wows, this is awesome Q!
:peek: now I can go around and stalk everyone’s goals!

Great goals! You’ll shine like a star for real! :smile:

Nice addition! Now I have to think about how to fill it in. :tongue:

I like the “LD count:” change too, especially since it now aligns a little better with the Last Visit and Location fields (similar lengths).

Thank you! :content: I’ll wake up glowing with happiness hehe.
Goodluck with your goal! :peek:

Great! I love it!

although not sure what to put as my goal… :tongue:

I wrote my list down yesterday, but I doubt it will all fit. I also doubt I ever get to do even half of the list. :tongue:

:whew: fitted it in (just had to remove the wished for LD frequency), I used to have this in the information about me in my profile. Should be interesting seeing everyone’s current goals.

You want to visit WHAT in a labyrinth?

:rofl: have a look at my lucid leap topic in dream journals and one of hippo’s posts about the labyrinth

Aren’t you afraid the stuffys are going to throw you out? :tongue: