new RC 's and the right mindset

hello everyone, it has been a while ago since i logged in to this account!

one year ago i was really into lucid dreaming and trying to remember my dreams, but i paused practising because i was to tired to write any dreams down in the morning.

now all of sudden i have better dream recall and i want to start trying to lucid dream again (and i love this forum and all the people, you have all helped me alot) but i have a little problem

because my life is so focused on school and my phone and just doing things fast and stressed, i forget about lucid dreaming throughout the day and then i cant do RC 's because i just dont remember to do them.

do you have any tips or reality checks for me to remember about lucid dreaming and maybe a way to get my mind more on it, to make it a habit.

you can just tell your tips if you like, all new reality checks and techniques are welcome

My personal tip though would be don’t sweat it. RCs help of course but they aren’t required to trigger an LD. Below is a guide I use/used to use to help LD and (to sum it up) it basically just stresses that recording your dreams to increase your DR will eventually lead to natural LDs. I’m not sure any of my few LDs have actually been triggered by a reality check, it’s just been the case where I’ve spontaneously realised I was dreaming. Give the guide a read if you get the time.


Only problem you can possibly have with this is being too tired to record your dreams when you wake up.