New RC 's ?!

i think i found some new RC 's i made myself

  • try to give yourself (a little bit) pain.
    because when i had a LD last time, i didnt feel any pain
  • if you are outside: look if there are any cars, do they look different or arent there any cars? can it be a dream? also look at the license plate if there are any cars. do it change?
  • do something that can make yo tired like running. are you sweeting? do you get any tired?
  • try to use ‘‘magic’’ on objects like try to make fire or try to let a chair fly. if it works its really awsome
  • look at a scecific object. how do you now it? whats it? how did it get on that place?

if you think this RC 's can work/ if you think this RC 's CAN work, comment please
do you have any other RC 's you created yourself? whats your favourite RC ?
you can comment belowww :wink:

I’d advise against the incautious use of magic. Many dreamers, me included, have experienced stability issues due to it.

Hmm in my experience this is not reliable, you may easily feel some actual pain (e.g. the classic pinch)

This is very situational: if you are inside or in mostly a natural environment, not seeing any car will just feel right

This one can work indeed !

Not sure, most likely you could “rationalize” like i’m in good fit or isn’t hot, etc.

It can work, but you must already be very aware to do that properly

I, for myself, have a small keyring with a writing: 7 letters of three different colors, all very vivid. Also, the letters are skewed in a quasi-random fashion. No keys are attached to it, but I often look at it while awake, or play with it.

In my dreams it always has something strange: the letters change, or the colors are very washy, or some letters are of the wrong color, or the border is too thin…
In any case, it works well :tongue:

I use this RC together with some others, mostly look at hand, sometimes pinch nose and breathe; now starting to integrate also the finger through palm…

[color=orange]…I’ll be blunt this isn’t for everyone for obvious reasons.

This is a good one and it has worked a number of times. For those who prefer more subtle RC 's you could simply push down on your index finger with your thumb in attempt to pop it, but with a reasonable amount of force (enough for you to be able to distinguish dream from reality). DO NOT GO OVERBOARD AND BREAK YOUR FINGER.

In another one you can grip your hand pressing your thumb in the center of your palm. Like before gage how much you’re able to tolerate and don’t go overboard and hurt yourself.

This one is good to use before or after a finger/hand RC

In general an alternative may be paying more attention to the sense of touch throughout the day. However there is a huge drawback using the slight pain/touch RC method, which Genghis pointed out. You may actually feel pain in a vivid dream and be convinced its reality. The extent of which our senses will be altered in an LD is a bit unpredictable, so you’re going to have to follow up with something to make this RC work.

P.S. Use the pain RC responsibly, wisely, and at your own risk[/color]