New RC?

I thought this one was kinda funny. It happened in my first 2 LDs this morning. I was wandering around in a non-LD and of course I tend to have a habit of looking for clocks or letters/words to see if they change, but this time I saw some word/string of letters that had “RC” in the mix of letters. And that’s what triggered lucidity. It wasn’t that anything changed if I looked away, I just saw the “RC” letter pair and knew I was dreaming… it was great.

That isn’t really a new RC but you’re quite lucky to get that! :cool:

Oh, well it was new to me. :content: It is due to this forum that it worked. I would have never thought of “RC” to mean anything unless I had seen it here as an acronym.

wow, i wish my mind worked that easily for me :wink: How long did the Ld last? If i were you, i would try this all the time :grin:

They didn’t last too long, but that may be because of things I did after becoming lucid. They were only a few minutes so far. I am still working on control. I tend to yell for more lucidity (once I said, “Increase brightness!”). But I think I can’t handle it, so I need to learn to just maintain the level I get from the start.

Practice, practice I guess.

It isn’t even a RC. I’m looking at the letters now, but I’m not about to jump out the window and try flying.

Anyway, it triggered lucidity, so that’s good.