new shared dreaming project forum

We have a new forum - the Shared Dreaming Project.

This is for members who want to attempt to have a SD.

this is not where the SD discussions currently on the forum will be held, this will remain in beyond dreaming.

this new subforum is for accounts and attempts to have a SD.

If you want to participate, join the Shared Dreaming Project usergroup or contact Seandop

cool thanx Q :smile:

Hey, I would just like to point out that the forum has changed. The forum used to be just for a small, predetermined group. Now, the group will still be using the forum, however, they will just be using certain threads. The forum is open to anyone who wants to attempt a SD–ND or LD. :content:

If you want to joint the usergroup, sign up or PM me
Happy LSDs (Lucid Shared Dreams, not the drug :tongue:).