New Sleep Formula I found.

I was browsing at GNC and I found a little pill that is seemingly inspired by LD4ALL. I used it tonight, and had a great nights sleep, much dream recall, and was able to wake up at designated points of the night without problem.

It is called: SLEEP NATURALLY. It looks gimmicky, but the back has several insteresting ingredients.

A proprietary blend of Valerian Root, Chamomile Flower, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Skullcap Whole, Catnip Whole, Hops Whole, & Ashwagandha root.

Now for the ingredients:
5 Hydroxytryptopha (5HTP) —10mg
Magnesium (Oxide)----200mg
Melatonin ----2mg
Vitamin B6 ------2mg
Folic acid-----.4mg

So as you can see, the progress that was made in this forum contributed to a commercial production. Anyway, I suggest you try it. It is in a white bottle with a light blue wrapping. here is the link:

Edit: You can see the label and all other info on the website. (Very informative)

Some of you might find this interesting, it’s a potion for inducing dreams. And according to this it sounds like it really works.

Thanks Crowe, that stuff you talk about sounds pretty interesting and maybe I can find in GNC what they talk about in this link. Keep me posted.

This bottom link is pretty interesting. Because it was posted by some guy named Pedro… Maybe it’s LD4all’s long lost Pedro. :uh:

Is it working for you?

just got back from GNC and bought all of the ingredients mentioned above, including the SLEEP NATURALY,
i just have a few question’s before trying it.
does anybody know what high doses of B-6 does to the body,
another thing is, pedro says take 1mg, while the other guy says to take 1 gram, and yet the other guy says that 50mg’s is the normal dose.
Can anyone enlighten me on these dosages before i begin the experiment, thanx.

High concentrations of B6 are apparently toxic.

Here is the link for some good info.

This is an excerpt:
Doses up to 500 mg per day are uncommon but safe.

So is this:
However, doses above 2 grams per day can lead to irreversible neurological damage unless under the treatment of a physician.

i tried the experiment last night and what a total disapointment…
i woke up feeling like mierda this morning…
i had alot of dreams yeah but they were all incomprehensible…
it was like i had on the fast foward button in my mind…
it wasnt untill this morning that, iguess because of the effects wearing off that i had interesting but very weird dreams…
but i completely forgot them because i didnt write them down, due to the fact of how i woke up feeling this morning…
i was afraid to take the full dose of b-6 so i only took 600mg’s, the rest i took acordingly.
i wont be trying this again, i dont like waking up sick…

Crowe, I made a special trip to GNC after your post about the sleeping aid. I have wicked bouts with sleeping. There are months that I fall right to sleep and there are spells that I’m in now that I can’t fall asleep.

Anyhow, I tried it last night and took 2 pills (the label suggested 1 or 2). I fell asleep rather quickly and couldn’t believe my dreams. I have no problem remembering my dreams but last night I remembered all 100 of them. Just joking. But I must have had at least 10. I would wake up during the night as usual and as soon as my head hit the pillow again, I was dreaming. I had a hard time staying in one dream. I had a similar effect of what konnart wrote. It was all happening so fast. One of the weirdest things was that I was awake and swore I was still dreaming.

The only thing I didn’t like was that I was actually groggy for the most part of today. So maybe 2 was too much for me. How many did u take? And did u have more than one dream?

Its common that you are groggy after taking melatonin.I normally take it with magnesium and b6.Such combo works best so far.

I’m glad that I could be of some help. I have had varied success with it to. Like better dream recall and clarity. I am waiting for it to kick in now and I should be asleep in about 30 minutes :content:. Wish me luck.

good luck crowe, I’m almost afraid to take it again.

Why are you afraid to take it? Is it the groggy side effects that worry you? Probably wouldn’t want you driving to work in the morning though.

The nifty thing about it, is that after 2 days, my sleep schedule reset itself. I have been going to bed at 4 every night for the past few months because I didn’t feel sleepy. Now I feel sleepy at 11-12 like clockwork. I attribute it to the Melatonin.

I also noted a dramatic increase in dream clarity and recall. Though it could be the fact that I am back into lucid dreaming and paying attention to them. I woke up this morning feeling great. I woke up at 6:00 (seconds before my WILD alarm) though WILD failed. (I just lose concoiusness instead of drifting into dreams, i need practice) Then I woke up at my regular time feeling great. I took a shower and had a productive day.

But if melatonin is having this effect on you, maybe you shouldn’t continue, though it could be your body adjusting the first time. Try it once more, then decide.

Well, I did give it another try last night because I’ve been having such a hard time sleeping. I was weary because I felt like I was on a super fast roller coaster the first time I took it. All my dreams came so quickly and ended the same. When I woke up I was groggy and confused. I had all these visions in my head and it took me a while to organize them and recognize each one as a different dream.

Last night I slept for more than a couple hours and it wasn’t 4 in the morning when I fell asleep it was more like 1230. Which for me is a blessing. Dream recall was the same as the first. I had like 4/5 dreams this time but I haven’t become lucid with them yet. Which is my ulitmate goal now that hopefully this stuff will give me a normal sleep pattern again.

Time for my update.

Last night, I feel asleep very quickly. Had a full night of sleep and dreams and woke up at the designated times in the morning. However I was too tired to write anything down. Though I was able to wake up easily, i found it hard to actually get up. I think my body had enough melatonin for a while. Now it is 10:00 PM and I am uncharacteristically tired. So now that my sleep schedule is back on track I will go to bed on natural ability. The pills did what they were intended to do, so now it is time to stop.

I haven’t taken any tonight and it’s 1am. Not even remotely tired. How long did you take them for?

Im trying the sleep nat. today, hopfully it dont do what the other stuff did…

Okay, update on this stuff.

I took some again last night. And it does truly help you get some sleep. The only suggestion is that you take it early on.

The good thing is that you remember far more dreams than a normal night’s slumber.

WARNING This stuff although found in GNC and without a prescription is medication and anyone considering it should really really be careful.

i have taken SLEEP NATURALLY in the past, and it gave me the longest, clearest, lucid dream i have ever had. I cant wait to get a new bottle of it.

Wow… it’s been forever since I’ve been here. Yet my email produced an automated response for this thread. :content:

I haven’t taken sleep naturally in a while too. I haven’t had the time to donate to it.

Hi guys,

Im new to the forum and just making my way around all the helpful tips and suggestions to induce lucid dreaming. Im from the uk and decided to go into my local gnc to purchase sleep naturally, to my disappointment they dont sell it, but I did purchase something called ‘Natrasleep’ which contains Hops powder extract equivalent to 167mg of Hops powder, Valerian Powder extract, equivalent to 250mg of Valerian Powder as well as some other ingredients. I’l be taking some tonight, hopefully I’ll experience something other than the usual! Can only but try…