new smilies

Whoa! I still have them! :cool_laugh: I need to ask somebody to host them for me though. :razz: I have two versions of them! I honestly didn’t think it would be on my HD still, but yup! :wink: I guess that’s a good news!

I’ll edit that post when I have it up on website.

I got it on DA’s website. Special thanks to DA for uploading them for me!

For people who don’t know what DA stands for… DreamAddict. :wink: Excuse my laziness. :content:

:lol: dm7. You are always welcome.

These are great similies Q!!! I love them. I really like dm7’s meditation and OBE smilie too! :happy:

Thanks Q!

PS: for those who don’t know, Q = pasQuale :tongue: hehehe :wink:

precog. unless we have talked about all this b 4 with DA tellin every one that Q was pasQuale.

hmm nice tho, can we make our own smiles? my bro has made a few that are good

hey thanks RF and DM (and DA) lol i have to add this to the acronyms :grin:

i have saved the obe and meditate smilies to my HD and i’m going to add them to the db when i have time

keep them coming :smile:

of course you can make your own - i want a FA smilie :smile: I created one but it is not really FA more MD


Aww…its too cute!

hugz DM7 for finding the OBEs.


Omg i love it :happy: i have done so many times a dream insde a dream it jsut isnt funny, that is when i know i think about dreamin and sleeping to much. WHEN I DREAM ABOUT DOING IT AGH.

Nice work peeps :happy:


Richard :bounce:

P.s i alsmost sent that through an email to one of my friends, i wonder what she would have thought if she read that :razz:

I love the new smilies.

Thanks Q :content: :universe:

i’ve added :obe: :obe: and :om:

I you keep adding smilies, soon we won’t have to write words just use the smilies :tongue:
:om: <- He almost looks angry.
Anyway thanks Q

Yay! Now they are my fav. smilies… especially :om: Thanks!

I gotta update my signature to induce that smiley. :content:

Include, surely?

PS My smilie! :content:|)|) all mine!

I meant :om: not :content:

Sorry :wink: It’s all yours still. :biggrin:

I like Reality.Failures dancing banana

in honor of the DV return i put some more cheering smilies

:cheer: :boogie: :cheer: :boogie: :cheer: :boogie:

  • as well as 4 other ones:

:silent: :yes: :no: :meh:

enjoy :smile:

i also removed some of the less used ones, like the ‘i’m with stupid’ sign and the !!! and ??? icons.

I liked the “I’m with stupid”, “up” and “blank” signs, but it’s a fair exchange for all the new ones. :cheer:
But I can always make my own on the generating site. :content:

:boogie: these are too funny. :cheer:

i really ove this one :tryfly: it so cool :lmao:

What happened to the :grinnn:?

I LOOOVEEEE these simlys!!! :adored: :om: :obe: :obe: :mirror: :yinyang: :angry: :beer: I really like this one oh yeah…:cool:

there’s a smilie that we don’t have that i’m rather surprised about… We need a hugging smilie!!!