new smilies

may i introduce to you the new members of the ld4all smilie family:










Wow, that’s great Q! :bow:
:universe: <- Me


lol :mirror: i totaly love this one, is it me trying to get into a mirror, i think so. Hmmm stupid lucid dream that was being stuberen with me, i showed it, i blew it to bits… sigh



P.s Gr8 work Q they are gr8 :happy:

There great :cool_laugh:

So, I can’t imagine why this one was picked: :bow:

:mirror: That thing needs to turn away from the mirror, then they could go through no problem. :smile:

What? No horror smilies with blood and brains everywhere??? :cry: I thought we’ve had some experience with them (as I recall… vaguely :tongue: )

j/k :tongue:

Again, you did a great job Q!! Congrats :happy:
You gotta lóve these :mirror: :universe:

Where did you get them? Oh great PasQuale :bow: :bow:

Hehee…did someone custom make this one for you Q? :mirror:

It’s so perfect!!!

There should be one of someone going through a mirror too… ah well.

lol i turned around i still couldnt go through that is why i was son angry and blew it to bits, that mirror met its match…or was it me :eek:

Gr8 smiles tho i love em. sey hello to a few worships

but i still ove dis one da best :bounce:

So :universe: is Q and if we :bow: and :bow: until she feels :adored: she might make you a mod! :tongue: :lmao:

I love these new smilies especially the moon and universe ones. :happy:

LoL…OH, it’s a moon.

I thought it was a guy with a big hole in his head…hehee.
Ooops, not funny!

:look: :moon:

this isnt another april fools joke is it? youre not gonna take them away from us are you?! jk.
Let me test my laser vision… >.>=========:moon

hmm…why is he smiling? That should have hurt him.

Ill tell you who i need to laser…this guy--------> <|:D

lol nice smilies theyre great.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Y’all crack me up! I absolutely love them all! I love that universe one! That’s so cool!

:mirror: :universe: <— That guy wants to go thru mirror into the universe, but his subconscious is against him… how sad eh? :wink:

The mirror one is the BEST SMILEY EVAR!!!
Someone animate it!!!

It is animated :confused:

lol@moogle :lol:

RF: no i found it on my #1 smiley source, the one where the one in my sig also comes from. or something like that.

the bowing ones i nicked from sealife :peek:

Hahaha, I found them for sealife. :peek: I also have a good meditating smiley if you want to use it? I think it would be suited perfectly for this ld4all forum especially in “Beyond Dreaming” section. :wink:

Let’s see if I can use it from that site since my website is currently down. :bored:

<— a smiley meditating… hopefully that works. Gratefully, I don’t think they hot-linked that. Whew!

Enjoy! :wink:

Hey DM7, do you have a copy of Stokesys OBE smilies?

I wish I do. :sad: They rock!

I’ll take another look in my HD here. No promises though. I’ll let ya know if I find them.