New Software Release!!

Hey everyone,

I’ve released a BETA version of my DreamJournal Program.

Some features are:

Save pics with entries
generate webpage and indexpage from entry - also FTP upload
Password save with encryption

as I said, this is a beta. It will be freesourced shortly when i get it looking nicer.

Go to for the download.

Come into this the Ld4all chatroom - i’m often there and if you want to make suggestions you can.

Have fun

Wazzo (aka AlexKidd)

I downloaded the dreamournal zip file. How does it work, is there a place where I can get more information about it?

Hey, sorry i havn’t had time to do documentation yet. here’s the basics:

you have Unzip it to a directory and run it from the db.exe file - there no installer yet.

to make a new entry click “new” or choose from the menu. You don’t have to worry about saving - it’s all done automatically.

If you click on the image preview you can open it in paint (by default) or view it (internally by default). You can choose to use another editor program by going into Settings>Images.

You can set a password in Setting>Password. To get rid of the password, leave the fields empty.

To generate a webpage from an entry, click Web>Generate webpage from entry. This will create a page and also a entry index file called dreamindex.htm. If you put in a ftp address for your website, you can upload the entry and an updated entry index page straight to FTP.
All webpages including the index page is saved in the folder called “Webpages” in the program’s directory.

I hope this has cleared things up a bit.


If you have any probs you can often find me in the chat room.

It now has a screen shot of the main screen, and a sample webpage that i generated from the program.

I liek this program. It could use some more imagery to make it colorful and dream like.

Check out this software. I am impressed.

Hey, I’ve released it at this stage so people do exactly what you have - suggest features and how it looks. It’s only going to get better.

I’ll have a new version out in the next 2 days - A lot of stuff is better.

Keep the suggestions coming…


Website looks nice :smile:

Lots of bug fixes

Entries sort by date

webpages have unique names - if you update the entry and generate a webpage it will overwrite the existing page.

Webpage index sorting - it now puts the entry links in order from newest to oldest, even if you put in an old dated entry.

There’s more stuff added - info on the website.