new start

hey everyone. Well, the last time I came on here, was more than months ago lol. I tried lucid dreaming, but got nowhere. I did start a dream diary to improve my recall but the dedication wasn’t there. But i was just thinking the other day about how amazing it would be to control your dreams, and so my mind came back to learning to lucid dream. Im going to makethe effort this time to get there :happy: any help or tips would be appreciated :smile:
just thought I would let you know

Welcome back. :smile: Even though I wasn’t here when you left. :angel:

How long did you try before you left?
Just think, maybe if you stayed making an effort for those months maybe you could do it by now. You never know. :wink:

Hopefully you can do it this time around. Just don’t do it too much too quickly or you’ll drain yourself. I’m frankly struggling over here and I’ve been making an effort for only a couple of weeks. I have a lack of confidence which is really affecting me. So I guess if you have the confidence and dedication right now, perfect timing.

Welcome back! I’m sure I wasn’t a member when you left, either.

Here’s the bottom line. Stick with it. From what I gather, your results will be best if you are:

  • persistent, whether that means days or years
  • honestly excited about LDing, but not overly so
  • confident that you can and will have LDs

How’s your dream recall? Most people will tell you that it’s a good idea to build up your recall (typically through dream journaling) before venturing into LDing. If your recall is pretty good, have you decided on one or more methods of LD induction you’d like to pursue?

Try the Wake Back to Bed method if your schedule permits. Set your lock 5 or so hours into your sleep time. Wake up on sound, stay up, read some dream stuff, then go back to bed. Do some autosuggestion and then fall back asleep.

thanks :happy: it feels good to be back. yes, I did try and keep it constant. From what I have read, I found that DR was really important, otherwise if I did fall into an LD i wouldn’t remember it! :razz: lol. So i concentrated on keeping a dream diary. It was going ok for a while. I managed to keep it for about 1-2months. I think I did improve on recalling them a little, but I think that my enthusiasm dropped a bit :razz: But now I am eager to learn again.
I also have an issue with confidence in that pulling off an LD would be really hard :razz: i just thinks its something too good to be true! When I heard about LDing I really was amazed.

Hi back Dream Oracle, what techniques have you been using up to now?

well. I realised that DR was my weakness, so I worked on improving that. As I said before, I did keep a dream diary, and I did see a bit of improvement, but it was hard to keep up. Also, I started do RCs alot during the day. Though I am not sure whether they have any effect :razz: lol. But that’s about it really. I think that I need to get the basis of my technique going before I try and do the more advanced stuff. Another thing I do is tell myself over and over that I will remember my dreams, though I can’t remember what that’s called :razz:
have you any tips? :happy:

That’s great! I’m glad to hear that you improved your dream recall, even if it’s just a little. :happy: As you said, DR very important especially if you practice a DILD method! And you’re absolutely right when you say that the main thing is getting the basis before doing advanced stuff.

Here are some tips you can use. In the very beginning, RC’s have been conceived by Pr Paul Tholey as a standalone induction method. Thus it works. :grin: The tip is doing them at least five times a day. You have to really question reality when you wonder: “Am I dreaming?” and not do them automatically. And you have to expect them to work. For instance, if you perform a finger-through-palm RC, you wonder: “Am I dreaming?” as if you were in a dream, then you try and put your finger through your palm, as if you were in a dream and you were sure it will work (of course, it won’t IRL :wink: ).

When you practice RC’s, you can have dreams in which you perform RC’s too, but sometimes, they give you LD’s sort of “naturally”: you even not do any RC in the dream but you become suddenly lucid, without knowing why.

About DJ, when you write your dreams down, you should notice what dreams are prelucid dreams, that is dreams related to LD’ing stuff, for instance dreams in which you fly or do things that you have read on the forum, FA’s, dreams in which you speak about dreams, etc. The most you have them, the most you’re close to lucidity. Thus you can know if you’re making progress! :content:

It’s also interesting to notice things that could have made you lucid in your dreams, thus next time you’ll see them in a dream, you’re likely to realize that you’re dreaming. And if you have frequent dreamsigns that can happen IRL too, it’s interesting to perform RC’s when you see one IRL. Yet if you don’t recognize dreamsigns, a good thing is performing RC’s when you find something to be strange IRL.

I don’t see any more tips about the technique you’re currently using.

Good luck on your quest! :smile: