new subforum: Lucid Laboratory

We now have a place to safely conduct experiments. Don’t forget to wear your white coat and goggles.

Only researchers have posting rights in the lab. Everybody else can read and reply but not post new topics.

If you want to join the research team, click on usergroups at the topmenu, select researchers and click join.


:happy: A lucid laboratory…good concept, to have a serious place for experiments about sleep, dreaming and lucid dreaming…
Its not only what is missing in all other dreamsites but it is also
very useful for knowledge and findings to have more frequent lucid dreams…interesting thing!

So tnx pasQuale…good idea!

Brainhacker was also talking that he might be interested in ppl who use selfhypnosis in their lucid dreams…as a tech to prolong your lucid dream…

Maybe there can also be in this lucid laboratory a place to write some stories about the brain while in rem stage…or about the bondage between our brain and our consciousness while lucid or doing a wild or meditate…an explanation from brainwaves to neurotransmitters…a sort of total connection and explanation doc…

Well just a thought so…



I see you tok my idea :smile:
well, maybe you didn’t but I posted that we needed a place to post experiments in the topic where everyone was talking about what should be different (I don’t remeber what the topic was called). Anyway, it’s nice to finaly see that we have got a place dedicated for experiments too.

Yeah it could go into all the science behind LDing.

that’s a great idea… ofcourse there is place for that in the lab :smile: and if it becomes clear that a new forum is needed for that, we will divide the lab into categories.


djem, you are right, you mentioned it in the thread “note to everbody on this forum”. BrainHacker suggested making a new category since ppl where asking for it. You where one of those ppl mrgreen:

You couldn’t think about making the ‘big’ topics highlighted or sticy. It seems like no one knows that they exists. Just an idea since everyone is posting tew topics instead of using the big topic :smile:

smart :grin: