[new tech] falling asleep with phone in your hand

Now I’ve just remembered this now and I only found out about LD 3 days ago so I’m thinking this may work for me, I’m not sure about others.

I used to fall asleep with my phone in my hand, it was in my hand as I text people late into the night and I wanted the vibration to wake me up if I did fall asleep, the vibration never did wake me up, but I’d say about 80% of the time I had a dream about my phone and all the time I knew they were dreams straight away as I was sending nonsense in the messages, but I didn’t know anything about LD when I did this, so I woke straight up when I realised because, well I wanted to. So I’m thinking if I start falling asleep with my phone in my hand then I will have more LD, just an idea that I think may work for me and other people if they try, I’ll certainly be trying as the only difference between this and any other night would be that I have a phone in my hand.

  • Alecto :tryfly:

Thats a good idea for you. :smile:

I suppose it depends on how heavy a sleeper you are, but if you’re able to make this an auto-DS alert, then it sounds great. :grin:

I do late-night texting as well, but my phone doesn’t vibrate when I receive texts. It only lets out a soft ding. I’ll mess with the settings tonight, to see if I can put an alarm on ibrate. Perhaps I can mix this with MILD somehow…

Sorry I didn’t mean for the vibrating to be part of it, I only included that part to explain why my phone was in my hand, I usually just tend to have dreams about my phone if it is in my hand. :wink:

But saying that the vibrating probably did have something to do with it, and if it didn’t for me it might for other people.

Oh sorry I misunderstood :razz: Well I did use both the vibrating and the phone-in-hand so it’s possible I did this correctly, even though it didn’t provide any lucidity. With the texting, the person I was messaging sent two messages and then stopped. After I sent my second message, I waited for an hour. No reply. I decided not to redo my mantra stating “Next time I get a text message, I will realize I’m dreaming” because:

  1. I might not get a text message
  2. If I do and I’m dreaming, how will I reply to the other person?
  3. It’s a pretty weak mantra

I went to sleep with the phone in my hand. Last night, I recalled 3 vivid dreams and 1 semi-vivid dream. One of the vivid dreams was a driving dream. I had a phone in the car, but I really didn’t take notice to it. But if there was at least some mention of a phone, it means I’m on the right track! I’ll repeat this method for the next few nights, and see what happens. Thanks for the idea!