I am quite a good DEILDer, it has always been my method of choice. Looking back on my DEILDing history, I recognised a pattern.

Almost always, each successful DEILD involves waking up to strong vibrations. I’ll be transitioning into a lucid dream automatically on awakening.

In my unsuccessful DEILDs I’ll wake up from a dream without experiencing vibrations or an automatic transition, have to clumsily recall the previous dream etc. Why is this?

I realised that waking up into vibrations/automatic transition happens only when I wake up from a dream in which I was just attempting to WILD. Yes. A dream in which I was trying to WILD. I would WILD (in the dream), experience fake vibrations/sleep paralysis (in the dream) and transition out of the dream and into waking life. I awake to vibrations and an automatic intention to continue the WILD process (which then becomes a DEILD). I hope this make sense!!

Essentially, you need to incubate a dream in which you are performing the WILD technique.


  1. Dream Incubation
    This is a whole other topic in and of itself, but essentially you want to incubate a dream in which you are performing the WILD technique (meta af). Here is how to do this:

a. You need to choose simple sentence/mantra such as ‘I will WILD in my dream’ or ‘I will do a WILD in my dream’ something like that.

b. Associate this statement with a strong emotion. Pleasant or unpleasant. I personally choose eagerness or excitement/euphoria.

c. Before you go to sleep repeat the mantra and feel the emotion. To make it more powerful, you can also visualise yourself performing a WILD. Visualise the vibrational sensations, the HI, the transition into a lucid dream. Do this in a relaxed state like meditation.

d. Go to sleep with the intention to dream about WILDing.

  1. The Dream
    Hopefully, if the incubation has worked, you’ll have a dream in which you are performing the WILD technique. There are now three directions this can go:

1 – You WILD successfully (from within the dream) into a lucid dream. Yay! You’re lucid. :blush:
2 – The dream WILD fails and you continue into a non-lucid dream :frowning:
3 – You have vibrations/sleep paralysis in the dream and you wake up (for real) to actual vibrations/SP. This is the most common case for me and leads to a DEILD.

  1. DEILD
    You’ve awoken to vibrations/SP. You have essentially WILDed out of your dream and into waking life and it is now time to WILD back into a dream!!
    Here, relax your body, imagine a dream scenario, ‘roll out’ or wait. Any of the usual DEILD transition techniques work here. If you make the transition, well done, you’re lucid.

This is a new technique I am trialling and adjusting. Looking back on my lucid dreaming history and almost every DEILD has been a result of waking up from a dream in which I was already attempting WILD. I would then wake up to vibrations and transition easily.

I also now realise that the mantra ‘I will lucid dream tonight’ was actually a form of dream incubation and this is why I was having dreams in which I was trying to WILD – which lead to successful DEILDs.

Let me know if you have success with this technique!

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What do u mean, HI?

the last lucid dream i had was one something similar to this.

I was i a car tryin to WILD,
1st attempt > i failed
2d attempt > i was successfull

thanks i will try this out and post about it