New! the ld4all store!

There is now a new way to support LD4all :cool:

buying cool ld4all dream goodies! :cool_laugh:

every item is hand designed by pasQuale and has the ld4all feel to it. :dream:

so ask santa for the real RC mug, mousepad, teddy bear or clock - or a ld4all dream journal to keep your dreams in.

or amaze your friends by wearing a ld4all tshirt.

Now you can show the world you are a lucid dreamer and support ld4all at the same time :content:

Looks great! Its so cool how ld4all keeps growing! You’re also a suburb artist, pasQuale :grin:
I just might get that mug… need more money :wink:

Wow! what cool and great looking items! :smile: Great job Q! :thumbs:

Excellent logo and creative skills! is cool… I ordered my own mousepad from there. :biggrin: It’s excellent! Excellent shipping and customer service. :smile:

If you’re wondering if it is low-quality or whatsoever, it is not! It’s excellent in quality and lasts long! :smile: I’m speaking from my first-hand experience. :biggrin:

Is there a possible way that i can buy spongebob? no? oh… :tongue:

Cool though that there is a shop now :smile:

Where’s the shop? Did I miss the link or something?..

:grin: forgot to put the link in my message… but you can enter the shop by clicking on the banner on the top right of the forum :content:

lol ok i am gonna get the RT mug and the shirt. sounds good :happy:
so i guess we use our credit card :razz:

This is when I REALLY need a credit card! Good job Q! Nice designs!

i just wanted to add my support for the work you’ve done. excellent stuff Q!

my favourite at the moment would have to be the reality check mug? what a nice Question to awaken to!

Is it possibile to buy something and pay for it when its delivered?i dont know whats the term for it in english.
I dont have a credit card ,so it would be easier for me.Just curious.
I like all the stuff alot:)I lost my favourite cofee cup 6mtnhs ago and the white/blue one is very similar to mine:)
ill get it one day:)
good job again Pas:)

thanks for all the compliments guys :smile:

no, but there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you got it and don’t like it (which i cannot imagine :grin: ) you can always send it back

I wasnt afraid i wouldnt like it:)
just no credit card on me:(
so i thought(yeah im lazy) that if its send then all the counting will be done once and ill just recieve the bill when i want to pick it up from post office.

Here are the payment options:

so if you don’t have a credit card you can pay by check or money order as well.

just as a reminder, i’m not the who handles the payment. The selling is done by cafepress and i get the commission from them.

awesome PasQuale! Thanks for the info

awesome :happy:

The new store triggered a nice dream :smile:

LD4all cafe
I am in Stuttgart at the train station with some friends. I notice the name LD4all in one of the shop windows. At first I don´t want to go there, since I don´t feel like explaining about it to my friends, but then I enter the shop. It´s quite big with two different levels. It´s a “LD4all cafe”, and they also sell all sorts of curious stuff. For example they got different bottles with lucid dream drinks with explanations what they are and how they work, and lots of other stuff that helps LDing.
I look around for a RC mug, but I can´t find it

A whole shop stuffed with missed dreamsigns sigh


The new shop was an excellent idea PasQuale! Now all you need to add are some posters.

What a great way to get contibutions. Good thinking.

Hmmm… I think i’m going to get the shirt and the mug.

tapir, that is hilarious :lmao:

catkey: thanks for the suggestion!

hehe… i love that idea. a lucid dreamign cafe…

how cool a place would that be to go to! the conversations, the conversations. ah lovely :smile: