New thread post notifying program

I made a program that notifies you if posts have been added into a thread. I used Visual Basic 5.0, and it access the internet to retreive info from that thread. I was thinking of taking it and making it have an automated reply system.

What do you think, is it worth making one?

It is useful in the competition rankings as the keeper would not have to do anything.

ehm… the forum already has ‘watch this thread for replies’ - sounds the same as your program, no? or does it actually mail the reply to you as well?

No, it is so when a new post is posted into a thread I get a message without having to log on here or my email. It (I hope) will also soon have an automated reply/post edit, so I can use it with the Competition forum.

It has other applications though. It could be used to delete threads that have not been posted into in a year. Or it could check everyones avatar automaticly.

well, if you would want it forum integrated (that’s what i assume with the check avatar size) you 'd have to write a MOD for phpbb… more info you find on the phpbb board (

or here … 2f5e0dba53 if you want to go directly to the MOD development forum.

Wow. Well I (unfortanatley) can’t program or work with that langauge very well. My program will basicly navigate to the appropriate thread. Takes a “snap shot” of it and checks all pictures supected to be aveteurs for size and filesize, it then would scan for other sub-threads and navigate to them.

i am just slightly lost, isnt it the same as what this forum already does???

Yes, it is the same really. I didn’t relize there was that function of the forum. But my program has one advantage. You can work and it will check every 5 minuets in the background. It will then give you a popup message if the tpoic has new posts.

Is this the same?

I found one error in my program, it couldn’t read the next page. Problem solved.

well ehm… the function already in the forum mails you immediately when there is a new reply… so just leave your mail prog open and you get notified directly of any new replies.

I’ve turned it into an Avatar program that took 1 hour 45 minuets to scan the entire members list and download everybodies pictures, and then finaly check file size and dimensions.

It got about 69 people. That comes to 3.5 percent of the forum.

hey, that’s real neat!

can it automatically send a PM to those members asking them to resize their ava’s too? :happy:

or make the list public so they will hide in shame and then change their avatars? :uptosomething:

That’s a real good idea, I’ll have to work on. But is it my place to do this? I suppose most people would support an idea like this?

LoL…I’ll post the list…I am brave.

PM me the list of who’s been naughty and I’ll sort it out.
I may even try to find a way of mass PMing the naughty ones.

Your days are numbered…avatar rule breakers…Muahahahaa!!

did that sound evil enough? :peek:

Yes, and I am now working on an automatic posting machine. Muhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu