New to LD, and have some questions

Hi, I just started to try having lucid dreams about a week ago, and only untill last night have succeded on realising im dreaming. With that out of the way I want to ask some questions and would like some answers/opinions.

  1. Is it normal for it to be about a week or less to gain the ability to have lucid dreams?

  2. I have had these on what I would call an “accident” many times before, but when I ask my friends and family if they have had the same experience they reply “no”. So the question is, Do certain people realise they are dreaming? Or was it just dumb luck?

  1. yes it is perfectly normal. Some people take months some people take only hours to be able to lucid dream. It took me exactly three weeks personally :wink:

2.There are such things as “natural lucid dreaming” eventually most of the time by dumb luck you relieze you are dreaming and end up doing somthing to improve your situation in a dream, with Natural Lucidity it really depends on the person though. Most of the time however most people dont see LD’s could happen on a normal basis with using a method such as WILD or MILD.

Thanks for the info. I just want to make sure I’m not messed up/don’t know what I’m doing/going about it wrong. Also, for about 4 years straight since I have graduated high school I remember atleast 1 dream from every night, is this normal? Sorry if I seem nosey/unknowlogable (but I am :smile: ).

1 dream a night is very normal, i’m sure since your starting off your dream recall will increase up to 3-4 or maybe if you lucky all the dreams from that night :razz:

nah go right ahead ask away we were all new once except for jeff he is uber smart :grin:

Yeah every night you have the most vivid dreams during the REM cycle. Some people have really good ‘dream recall’ can remember 2-4 dreams per night. Alot of people recommend being able to recall atleast 1 full dream per night before you attempt MILD or WILD. So you are right on track!

One thing that could help improve your dream recall is keeping a DJ, record all of your normal dreams right after you wake up. Tell yourself before you go to sleep that you want to remember your dreams so you can write them down, that gives your subcouncious insentive to remember your dreams.

You seem to have pretty good natural recall. Some people (like me) have to really keep up a DJ or they will lose alot of their recall :cry:

See, before I even researched it I just thought we had dreamt once a night, now I know we can dream up to 4 times(?) a night.

I have never kept a dream journal, but might start doing so. I usually remember all my dreams by the time I wake up, but lose all but one, maybe two during the day.

A real good guide that I tend to read over every day and during WBTB method is the wiki book

Thanks for all your help guys! You have been most helpful and welcoming. I hope to try to progress my LD even further to more then one dream a night!

Last night I had two LD right in a row! Awesome experiences, but I had a little trouble controling these. Any suggestions on how to better control your LD? Any techniques for a LD newbie?

Do you mean by control that you are able to do whatever you like in LD? If so, then the more you believe you can do, you can do. For example if your mind completely believes that you can fly, you can fly in most cases. If you doubt can you reach the ground, most probably you cannot.

And if some things keep failing, try different methods. For example in my last LD i wanted to pick apples from leafless barren tree to convince my DCs that its only a dream :tongue: As i commanded the tree to have apples, no apples appeared. But then i IMAGINED that there are apples and “picked” them and handed them to my DC’s. They were suddenly surprised and happy and as i looked at their hands they held those nice red juicy apples in their hands :grin:

Practice makes it more perfect, so go step-by-step :smile:

You will probably find that this difficulty with control becomes less of a problem once you have had several lucid dreams. Just consider how hard your mind has to work in your first lucid dream. It has to constantly update your lucid experience, and it’s easy to overload your subconscious by expecting too much in these early dreams. Chances are you will just wake up prematurely, so you need to give your subconscious some space to get used to the idea of lucid dreaming. One good way to proceed is to set yourself one simple control goal in each lucid dream. Decide on this beforehand - you will remember it when you become lucid. It could be flying (probably the most popular one, and great fun!), or it could be materialising a friend within your dream. (If you do this one, don’t just expect them to materialise in front of you, give your dreaming mind some space to create this person by saying something like: " If I enter that building over there then “X” will be there waiting for me. This gives your subconscious time to work and create the situation for you). Just work on these small aspects of control, one step at a time. With practice you will find that you can completely control your dreams but in my opinion you should start out slowly and build up to full control.
Happy dreams!

Yes, it’s normal. It’s faster for some people. The average time would be 2 weeks, I suppose.

Statistically, 1 person per 6 have had at least one natural LD.

Thanks for all the tips guys, but it seemed wierd when I had my LD’s by mistake that it was easier to control everything that happend. But, I guess I’m going to have to just practice controlling at first to try and get the hang of it. Thanks again.

i have a question!!! i want to learn if lucid dream is psychologicaly dangerous? if i can control my dreams and dream anything that i want, wouldnt that lead me to an unsatisfied life. Because, in that case dreaming would satisfy me enough that there would be no need to be successful in the real life. And wouldnt it be dangerous for an individual?