New To LD Is this a Ld Or Obe

To make it simple I was concentrating on somebody in my mind repeating the name in my mind (Not a Boyfriend but a friend that was a boy) Than I was paaralyzed and a white light came real bright. When the light dissappered I saw myself spinning on a bed in a dark room with two tv on static.Than it felt like my soul was lifting out and I heard a voice similar to mines saying that if I get to afraid I’m going to wake up I paddled my feet and wake with my heartbeating fast (as the light disappered my eyes were vibrating) [center][/center]

Hi, welcome to LD4all :welcome:

That sounds like an OBE, since you floated out of your body and you could see yourself. But it’s kind of hard to distinguish between the two. Some people (myself included) believe OBE’s are just vivid dreams where you believe you leave your body, while others think it is actually happening.

I would agree with Rhawin. What you experienced is called sleep paralysis. During sleep paralysis your mind is awake while your body is sleep. While you were in SP it sounds that you crossed the barrier between regular consciousness and OBE state which I believe is just short of the LD state of consciousness. In my experiences, if you can get over the initial fear of an OBE it can often develop into an LD. Good luck and welcome to the forums!