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Wassup people. I just got a question… maybe u can answer it. 3-7 times a month, i’ll fall asleep at night… anywhere in my house… and i’ll wake up in the middle of the night, but its not normal. I can see everything around me, but i can’t move my body at all. It feels like something is holding me down. I can’t speak, and i can barely moan to wake my body up. This tends to happen a lot, and it only happens when i’m home.

Once i was sleeping on the recliner in the living room. It happened again. I could see everything around me… the lights were off, but i could see the faint bathroom light shining down from upstairs. I couldnt move, but after a bit of struggle, i was able to get my body up. BUT i felt so weak, and it was hard to stard up straight… it felt like my knees were giving up. I tried turning on the light switch next to me, but it wouldnt go on. A split second later, i was back on the recliner, not knowing how i got there, and still unable to move. After stuggling to speak, i finally got a moan out, and i regained feeling. Everything i saw in what i thought was a dream was the same. The lights were off, and i could see the bathroom light shining down from upstairs.

I was thinking that my house is haunted or something, and i’ve had experiences that diminish doubt. But maybe these situations are something different. By all means, please post opinions or advice.

Dont wore your house is not haunted! :happy:
You got a case of sleep paralyses.
A part of our brain called the pons is responcible for this or your real body would start to run when you run in your dreams and that would be very dangerous. Normally when you wake up the pons lifts this paralyses but genentically there are diffrences so not all ppl are out of it when they suddenly wake up.
So dont worry! You got sleep paralyses…the best thing is to stay relaxt…i love it because its such a good thing to practise self hypnosis from :happy:

And a warm welcome Dislocation to the forum :beer:


I never had a SP, but from the other messages from the board, the best thing to do, as Jeff said, is to stay calm. Many people claim if you try to move your finger a bit, you will be out of SP in no time.


I wasnt basing the sleep thing on my house… just wonderin if it was relevant. These situations arent why i claim my house to be haunted… there are other, a lot more complex things that have happened when i was awake, not sleeping.But thank you very much for your advice.

Don’t worry about it. Sleep Paralysis is something that alot of people go through. This site has some good information on it:

And welcome to the forum!

I see Dislocation, i couldnt know that from what you wrote in your post.
How long do you live in your house anyway?


SP sounds really weird, never experienced it myself.

Also what kinda things happen in your house to make u think that its haunted?