New to the forum and lucid dreaming

hi, im really excited about lucid dreaming, i know how fun they can be, i had one when i was a kid. i was opening up portals for my dream friends and they walked in and ended up on some other planet it was cool .

anyway, as long as you can remember your dreams everynight and in the morning, is it really all that important to keep a dream journal?

I’d say so. DJ is your gateway into your dreams. Think of it as a blackbox or something. When you can’t remember dreamlike qualities, read your dream journal.

PS - I like your name, ninja turtle roxx0rz!

I guess so. Writing thing down triggers better memories of it. for some reason. Do you still remember the dream after two/three months?
It is also a way of training your dream memory somewhat more.

Beside that, you are doing something with your dreams. Being busy with your dreams is an important help in getting LDs.

Also reading your dreams before you go to bed may give you better dreams and maybe even some Lucid Dreams.