New to this but intrigued - update!

Well today I remembered and documented my first full dream, I did leave some things out (some mundane details) but i remembered it like I was watching a movie, i wrote about a page on it but could have written 2-3 or more if I described it like a true book.

What amazes me the most is while I was writing it, I remembered the beginning! haha then it was all just really clear and I could recall everything, even conversation, I remembered an entire conversation between 2 DC’s and a DC and myself.

What a rewarding experience, thanks to the community for the support, even though I just began not but 4 days ago :smile: I feel the progress is leaping, if you read my earlier post you’ll know I could only remember 3 dreams my entire life and I’ve only ever remembered visuals.

This dream was like a movie, simply amazing :smile:

I’ve often found that I remember more and more details of the dream if I start writing down the ones I remember. Usually it unfolds in reverse.

Congratulations :grin:.

Excellent :clap:

Great work on the the dream recall. Keep it up !!!

Remember everyone can learn to lucid dream. Keep things simple and keep practicing. You’ll be LD ing before you know it.