new top menu


(in case you haven’t noticed :wink: )

hope you like it! :content:

Lol, it’s cute! :smile: I love it. Perhaps you should make the white box more rounder if you know what I’m trying to say. Hehe

I just notice it, and I love it :good: :love: :thumbs:

I love the smiles :smile: :content: :wink: :happy: :grin: :cool: :cheesy: :alien:

This forum could never get boring :wink:

Sweet! Just noticed the Usergroups bit hehe.

glad you like it :smile:

i know what you mean DM7…

unfortunately i’m a lazy HTML-er and i didn’t feel like adding extra img tags in the thing. It is now just a td with bgcolor.

maybe later when i’m in a coding mood :cool:

Want me to do it for you? :wink: I’m in coding mood.

woah! I like it! :smile: I do think that it needs to be a bit more tied together, I think that making the boxes rounder as DM7 suggested would be a good idea!

:peek: I love smilies !

Its too sweet for my tastes…
but like i said many times i approve just anything Pasquale does or would do even if it hutrs:)

ps.Btw…we spoke a while ago about making our titles changable after 1000 posts?still can be done?:slight_smile:

dm7 i won’t say no to that offer :wink:
but it is a template so you need the original file…

jack… umm… not yet, is a load of work…

Hehe it’s up to you Q lol. I’m bored here… hehe I’d just make the corner graphics for you and send them to you so when you’re up to coding you have them already? Or you’ll be alright?

I’m bored… that’s why. lol :content:

hehe dm7 i can manage the corner images :content:
it’s the coding that :bored: me now, i should long be asleep… :tongue:
but i’ll do it eventually

big surprise coming up though :lol: in 1 week you will find out :smile: it’s what you all have been waiting for :biggrin:


eep! 4 posts to go :grin:

Lol! What are we waiting for? :content:

Hehehe, I understand. Sweet dreamzzzZZZ! :wink:

Edit: Oh my gosh! I better watch you carefully so I can congrat you for 1000 posts! :biggrin:

:grin: i think now is an exellent time to go to sleep :gni:

Ahhh, don’t make us wait for you to get to 1,000 posts! Lol!

You wanna know something wierd. I have seen that before. I think it was in my dream once. Deja-Vu

I like them! :smile: I think it draws more attention to the useful ‘Search’ buttons.

Congrats!!! on your 1000 post Q! :cool_laugh:

I came here to say the exact same thing. :eh:

dito that dreamwalker and dark matter :happy:

And Q wow 1000 posts i am impressed :happy: and coding omg :eek: i spent way to long doing that in class…so i got myself dreamweaver :happy: i suggest it. wait no i dont i just did my works web site on that and omg that thing is buggie… :bored: ok better idea. I will go and sleep. that sounds good



oh and btw Q i look 4ward to seeing if your big update is what i think it is gonna be like i poste in teh ney layout topic… goitta love precog and this will bea good way to test. All ears. Eyes. Somthing


~sends Q some vibes~
add a shoutbox to the forum!~