new way of lucidity!

Last night, I personaly discovered a way into lucidity. It still needs some testing though. Anyways here is how.

Lay back in bed, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself walking down a long, long corridor, seperated with different sections(doorways.)
As you pass through the first one, imagine the light getting brighter as you pass into part two. Now, look down at your arms and legs, it is still half reality. Walk (use your legs and acualy walk) into the third door. The hall is brighter, and better. Now try to fly…your about half asleep now. Now walk into the last door, and look at your arms and legs again, and say “later, when I’m fully sleeping, I will see you again, and remember it is a dream.” Your almost asleep.
Now keep walking down the corridor, passing through doorways and makeing the light brighter each time. When its white compleatly, slip into complet sleep. In your dream, try to remember what you said, and you’re lucid from the start! To make a dream last in real world time (instead of speeding through it as the usually do) try rubbing your arm, for example. Do it continually.
Hope this helps!

P.S. post what you think here! Everyone is free to use it completly.

That might work if you can fall asleep extremely fast. This is more-less just a stretched out method of when you stare at your hands for like 10 minutes before you go to bed so that if you see them in your dreams you become lucid.
Nothing wrong with it though, because it just may be the technique that gets you lucid all the time.

Well I’ve only used it last night, I’m not sure if it fully works. but i think it works for most people. I’ll experiment!

You could start one up here…

this sounds interesting i’ll give i a shot tonight and give you the results tomorow

Probably too difficult for me at night since I need ages to fall asleep. But I might try it with WBTB. It sounds like a nice method.

Excellent. I’m a fast sleeper. I’ll give this a go.

Although I do something similar in my WBTB’s.

sound cool, one day I’ll find the technique for me, i hope its this one.

i tryed it didn’t work it was too hard too imagine.

I didn’t quite understand it, but I would try it if I could fall asleep faster. Although I am pretty tired right now.

Tried this technique last night and it worked pretty well, although I didn’t become lucid. I imagined myself in different places and forced myself to think that I was walking around in that place, and after a little while the scene was “playing” by itself as if it was a dream. Only problem is that I became conscious short after this. It happened a couple of times, but after that I fell asleep.

I believe it’s also worth mentioning that I was listening to the Lucid Dreaming Incuction MP3. It doesn’t really help me become lucid through DILD, but it helps me relax when I fall asleep and makes me imagine different scenes, so it was probably helping me quite a lot when trying to use this VILD-technique.

I’ll try it again tonight. :smile:

Looks like you found a technique that’s perfect for me. This worked. It worked well.
points at LD’s for February :grin:

I believe thats how to LD you just gotta find the technique thats right for you

Excellent, I’m a fast sleeper, I’ll give it a shot tonight. I’ll try and let you know if it works.